22. Conohana Week has been finished ~


We held Conohana Week from October 1st to10th, 2014♪ 

 On September 29, we co-hosted a seminar “Acquirement of External Funds” with the Research Education Organization and the University Education Center. The turnout was around 60, and we shared useful information for conducting research not only with female researchers but also with many faculty members and graduate students. We would like to express our thanks to Dr. Noriko Shiomitsu who accepted our request to be the guest speaker, and those who participated in this seminar.

 Report from the seminar→ http://www.conohana.yamanashi.ac.jp/h24-h26/news/1252

<Conohana de Art>

We held an art exhibition at Interactive Space (room B1-214) from October 1st to 17th♪

 Various works of art borrowed from students and faculty members were displayed.

By the works made by families, some staff members with children of similar age seemed to be stimulated.

By the photo of fishing results, some students who love fishing were curious where the photo was taken.

By the sculptures made by the instructors at the Arts Management Course, the students of the course were fascinated and examined the details.

We enjoyed momentary “Autumn for Art” this way!


<Work-Life Balance Lecture Meeting>

 From 16:30 on October 8th (Wed), the Support Office held “The 3rd Work-Life Balance Lecture Meeting” utilizing the project related to the gender equality promotion by Yamanashi prefecture. The turnout was around 60. This event was a good opportunity for us to think over work-life balance (^^). We thank the lecturer Mr. Takimura, and students and faculty members who participated in this lecture.

  Report from the lecture meeting→  http://www.conohana.yamanashi.ac.jp/h24-h26/news/1262


<Special Exhibition at University of Yamanashi Library>

From October 6th (Mon) to 10th (Fri), the Support Office held a special book display with the cooperation of the University Library at a space of the library’s 2F. We selected for our own interest the books related to gender equality and work-life balance promotion from the large collection at the library. We hope that this opportunity helped as many students as possible to think of work-life balance! Thank you for all who cooperated with us.


<Luncheon Meeting>

On October 10th (Fri), from 12:00 to13:10, the Support Office held a TED Screening Luncheon Meeting.

We saw a screening of presentation dubbed in Japanese over lunch, then another title in English (it was a scary and intriguing one!) (^^). Thanks to being a big crowd, we were able to exchange our impressions, to learn more deeply from the screening.


<Lecture Meeting for Promotion of Gender Equality>

The Support Office co-hosted a “Lecture Meeting for Promotion of Gender Equality” with the Gender Equality Promotion Head Office, which started at 15:00 on October 16th (Thu). The title was “Empowerment of Female Researchers”, and the speaker Dr. Kimiko Murofushi, Emeritus Professor of Ochanomizu University, lectured on how to bring out and utilize the power of female researchers, which is the precious resource of university, covering the case examples of Ochanomizu University. We thank Dr. Murofushi, and the participants who took time out from their busy schedules.

 Report from the lecture meeting→ http://www.conohana.yamanashi.ac.jp/h24-h26/news/1270

Thus the event followed one after another this month. How did you enjoy them? (We the staff members enjoyed ourselves a lot. (lol))

 We would like to express our gratitude to the lectures and the persons who cooperated with us!