2.We had an opening party!


On January 9th, we invited those who supported establishment of the support office for Female Researchers to have a casual get-together and learned about our office and activities. 

The last time we had visitors to the office, there was only a few pieces of furniture.
To prepare to show our fully equipped room,
all staff members got together in preparation.


We did all the preparation after business hours.


Although the event was held after working hours on a weekday, we had many visitors!



 The theme of the first Conohana café for this year was “Japanese”.

We put together the interior decoration in Japanese style.
Some people commented during the party that they liked the coordination.(Thank you for your kind comments!)

Not only we did talk to the guests about what we have done so far, but we also played a short movie to best explain our activities.

Here’s the movie.◆The contents are as of October-December, 2012.


There was a suggestion that we should release a movie report in every three months… So we are considering releasing another movie over the coming months.