3.Conohana Project Staff Members!


he Support Office for Female Researchers opened in October of 2012 but we haven’t introduced the Support Office members yet.
Since we started a research activity support service for female researchers, we realized that people’s awareness of the Support Office is both expanding and deepening.  We appreciate your continuous support of our activities.
In this FY end, we are reviewing the past and present activities and, at the same time, sharing various ideas so that we can serve users more effectively in the coming FY.

 And this is the person who is leading our team!



I would like to proudly introduce our coordinator, Ms. Ichiko Inagaki.


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he graduated from high school in Yamanashi and entered the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, theUniversityofYamanashi.  She holds Ph.D. from the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering of the University and currently serves as a researcher on civil engineering, she is one of our very active scientists and we are proud of her.

She was assigned to the coordinator of the Support Office upon its establishment. Now she is temporarily off from her own favorite research activity to work full-time for the support activity for female researchers. She was decisive, has successfully transited to this new role and believes that there is something she is meant to do based on her “hands-on experience” as a “researcher”.

 I still clearly remember the day when I met Ichiko for the first time.
My first impression of her was “poker face” .
For me (writer) as assistant coordinator, she is my boss. For that I cannot stop observing and analyzing her personality closely.

A boss with a “poker face” is typically not easy to deal with. 

The team was created at the same time as the Support Office’s establishment. So we’ve been groping for not only our activity scheme but also good team work. Within the relatively smaller number of people, the relationship among team members is the key element that impacts further activities of the Support Office.

 It was only a few days later, however, that I found out that my first impression of Ichiko was wrong. That is because I soon noticed that the team building to which she is “groping for” did not mean the minimum relationship needed only to do the required job but the team with unlimited possibility to make the maximum effect.

She thinks well, works well and considers others more than any other members do, and drink a lot, eat a lot and smile a lot.
On top of that, She enjoys a life a lot. Now I should tell you her “poker face” is already gone. I found out her real face was a cute one.


She organizes the Support Office as coordinator but actually is the youngest among all the staff members.
For the past six months since the start of the office, she’s always surprised us with her various talents. The talented math/science major lady seems to have humanity-oriented brain as well. (I, the writer, have 100% solid humanity major brain with 0% sense of math or science.) Besides math/science specialty she is genius at writing, is very knowledgeable, witty, learns quickly, and is speedy at both comprehension and decision making. Her fast task processing is beyond our imagination. And the accuracy of its result is exactly right to the point and makes us almost frustrated (Am I just jealous…?)

 And what I most appreciate is the way that she leads the team.
She never dismisses something outright. She has the attitude to listen with care, understand our feelings and guide us with kind words.  I believe it’s because of her good impact on us that we often find ourselves in various discussions all the time. And those are very active ones. (Almost fighting, but the relationship remains close. (lol)) Reaching a simple yes or never the end.
When we get a yes, that leads us to a step forward together to the same goal. When we get a no, that is a step to another better idea.
 Such a flow is developing in the team.
We are proud of our youngest coordinator, the creator of that good atmosphere.

 Ichiko is the person who established and developed the Support Office from scratch and her great work naturally brings out our trust and respect for her. I’m sure she will successfully complete the important mission as coordinator. That is the solid confidence in me.




Do you feel full with all the complements? Flattery?? (bomb)
But I assure you that this is 100% non-fiction. The idea of this member introduction article came up, I was sure that was the opportunity I wanted. Although I kept saying “you are great” to her, that never seemed enough. More importantly, I wanted her to recognize the excellence in herself ^^

 Under our proud coordinator, we will work hard to make our service better.
We hope that many users will be able to enjoy our service.


Rieko Watanabe, Assistant Coordinator