7.What is the lunch party like? Please join us♪


The Support Office hosts lunch parties on a regular basis.

On dates with a 2 ・・・ English Conversation DAY!

On dates with a 5 ・・・ Fathers’ & Mothers’ child-rearing talk over lunch

On dates with a 8 ・・・  Free topic lunch

              Except for 1st & 3rd Wednedsday due to internal meetings.


Let me briefly introduce an example of the Fathers’ & Mothers’ lunch.
With many participants from various sections, we start with self-introductions and can enjoy conversations of parenthood together.


Where do you go on holidays? Which hospital is good? Which nursery is popular? Etcetra, etcetra…

Everything is educational even for us, the staff members !! It’s perhaps more like our study session from fathers and mothers…(ノωWe appreciate various comments!



We hope that this lunch session gives you a wider in-house network and a refreshing time.
Please feel free to drop by♪