10.Report from the Lunch Session for Fathers and Mothers♪


The Support Office holds “Lunch Session for Fathers and Mothers” on each date with a 5♪


On September 5th, we had fathers and mothers who had nursery and kindergarten children and enjoyed talking and exchanging information over lunch.
Let’s see how our conversation went. 

Q:It was a very hot summer and we saw few children in parks.  Where did everybody go?
A:・We went to a park only in the morning or evening hours.
  ・We took our kids to rivers, near mountain side such as Ojiragawa and Ashiyasu.
  ・It was dangerous to go out during mid-day!  Slides were hot enough to get burnt!
  ・I recommend Kosodate Shien (child rearing support) Center in Nirasaki (Services are available also for non-Nirasaki residents)!
  ・There are various indoor spaces to play with children at large commercial facilities.
  ・A free magazine titled “Chibikko Press” is convenient and it provides information for child-rearing in Yamanashi♪
   【We immediately got a copy of “Chibikko Press”!  You can take a look at our office!】


I saw a member who got transferred to Yamanashi just recently taking notes of the conversation.


Another member who had twins said

“I cannot go into a convenience store with a side-to-side-type stroller because the width doesn’t fit but a front-to-back type is difficult to handle.”

There were many unique comments like this one after another that could only come from experience (lol).


A father who joined for the first time gave us a straight comment that there seemed to be a high boundary to enter the Support Office and to join the lunch session because he thought himself, honestly speaking, as one of fathers who would not participate in house work and child care very much (phew).

 (゜◇゜)~Oh no! There is no high boundary…it’s totally barrier free(´∩`。)tears



Why don’t we share the information together!!
The next meeting will be held on Oct.15.2013.