12.Off-campus ☆ Conohana Café!


On Saturday, November 2nd, the second day of university festival, a special one-day off-campus café was open.  The Support Office for Female Researchers had prepared a special space in front of Yamanashi Kogyo Kaikan for female researchers and alumnae of the faculty of engineering to communicate with each other.

 It was a sunny day and all the visitors enjoyed meeting with their professors, senior peers and friends in this long-awaited opportunity under the clear autumn sky♪

We set a bulletin board titled “Things in Common for Science Major Female” and received comments on “good points” (e.g. bathrooms are always open, capable of fixing a broken electric appliance by myself.) and “bad points” (e.g. not as popular among male students as expected by other people, quickly forgetting Chinese characters.) about being science major female.

カフェの様子  カフェのにぎわい

Hoping for an increase of female researchers, we also put up posters to introduce “Recurrent Education” which means people outside university going back to graduate program for research.



Many alumnae who are active in society commented that it was interesting.
We hope to have alumnae who come back for research activity soon!