14. Roundtable talks “Female researchers & Students” was held.


On January 22, 2014 (Wed), we had a discussion meeting with the researchers utilizing the “Female Researcher Support System” and the volunteer students (CA career assistant). ♪

*This system is to support female researchers at the university with the help of volunteer students, to prevent their research activity from being slowed down by life events specific to women.

The talks on this system were animated, and based on experience by the both sides.

The attended researchers directly expressed their feeling of “being helped!”

-Raising small children is a task that demands unexpected time.

-It is important to keep a regular sleep for children in order to raise them healthily.

-In order to do so, overtime work must be avoided.

-As a result, impending office work and lectures are given priority.

-Research and experiments are carried over to the next day, and the next day has its own routine.

These conditions often decelerate their research activities and achievements.

The “limited time” for childcare and home making can be saved by cooperation with their husbands, but the “limited time” at the laboratory cannot be helped by the husbands… so the assistance of a CA really helps them to finish their work within the designated time. Also, the researchers can get motivation or recreation from contact with the students from the other faculty members.  

This was the feedback from the researchers.

The feedback from one CA was that the supporting activities were “enjoyable!”

Another CA who is assisting a researcher from another faculty said “I really enjoy experiencing the new laboratory, with the new experimental tools and methods♪”

Also there was feedback such as; “it is good to utilize the time between lectures”, “It gave me a chance to encounter new things beyond the border of my own faculty”, or “it was intriguing to see our teachers in their element.”(lol)


Other topics, such as the activities and experiences the researchers had had in their college lives were very much enjoyed by the participants.

We appreciate all who joined this talk!