15. Free Discussion with Female Researchers!


On January 27th (Mon), we set up time for an informal talk for students and female researchers.


  The title was Free Discussion with Female Researchers” 


  The presenter was Dr. Yukiko Tokitomo, a professor at the Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, and the keyword was Food.


 Answering to our call lets talk about food that enriches the mind♪”, five researchers and one graduate-school student participated the meeting.


 A food scientist, Dr. Yukiko Tokitomo is studying the function of taste and cooking, specializing in the analytical research of smell, an essential factor in appreciating foods, for a long time. Recently she began a survey for research on traditional food culture and local dishes by narrative recording, since Washoku (traditional dietary cultures of the Japanese) was designated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.


 Being around Dr. Tokitomo with such a background, their discussion included topics like How blue-colored foods are not appetizing., To make delicious sashimi, you must cut it with a sharp sashimi knife swiftly, not to damage cells., Transparent packages have merits and demerits depending on the use. while keeping with the keyword.


However, since it was a free discussion, the topic freely changed. They exchanged the information about their home prefectures, including how delicious the sashimi in Mie prefecture is, or what transportation they should take to get to the right spot (lol).


 It provided the participants who usually have little chance to contact with each other with an opportunity of free talk, and a brief relaxation time.


Many thanks to the participants, and Dr. Tokitomo


We hope to have another chance of this kind of meeting!