16. Career Assistant Activity Debrief Meeting was held!


We hosted a Career Assistant Activity Debrief Meeting” on March 25, 2014 (Tue), at the Support Office for Female Researchers!


What are Career Assistants (CA)?

Our office has set up Female Researchers Supporting System to coordinate volunteer students with female researchers who are in need of support during their life events. We call these students Career Assistants (CA).


 This debrief meeting was participated in by female researchers who utilize this system and CA for the second half of the 2013 school year. Each of them presented honest opinions about the usage of the system, or the effects from the system on their research or academic activities.


  The opinions of the users of this system were The system is very helpful for balancing the work of teaching, research, and home making or child raising., It increased my motivation for research., CA students from different departments are inspiring for teachers., The system may also be supportive for researchers who have just started teaching., etc.


 CA students also expressed positive opinions on the system, saying “My dream was to be involved in research activity early, so I was lucky”, “By looking closely at how female researchers work, I came to know the importance of balancing work and private life”, The experience was helpful for me in becoming a female researcher, etc.


  After the report, we exchanged our opinions about the issues concerning the system, with the participation of the university president and the board members.


 We appreciate all who participated the meeting!