17. We have moved! Interactive Space (room B1-214) will become more functional!


Support Office for Female Researchers has moved to the second floor of the B1 building in April 2014.


Room B1-213: Office

Room B1-214: Interactive space (9:00~17:00 free to enter/exit)

Room B1-215: Counseling room

Office: Always staffed by three members. Please feel free to visit!

 Interactive space: This room is available for you to take a break, study, or read. A luncheon is held periodically. (The schedule is posted in our News Letter.)



In this room, there is a library for students and faculty members. The books can be lent.

 There is also a corner to display childcare and nursing care information, where we recently started to provide the prefectural childcare information paper Chibikko Press (free).


During opening hours you are free to enter and exit any time. You are always welcome to use this room regardless of gender, whether you are a student or a faculty member.

Counseling room: Feel free to contact our office (extension 8350) if you wish to use it.