23. Nashi-Radi will present a lunch meeting!


Have you ever heard about “Nash-Radi”, everyone?

It’s an abbreviated name of a students’ broadcast club which started its activities in 2009 as a Venture House Project at the faculty of Engineering, University of Yamanashi.

This club has continued to cheer up the activities of the people in this prefecture, including this university, and is now in the fifth year of their activity.

They also distribute a blog and videos on their website.

This Nashi-Radi is now stepping onto a new stage. A project to air their programs in one-segment areas is now underway!

They are going to “produce and distribute programs of information in and out of the campus”!

The Support Office couldn’t miss that news!

We will be there to root for it!

(It’s obvious that we are expecting to be advertised on their programs ^^;)

We have managed to have them use our Interactive Space for a lunch meeting. Our staff members will take a chance to join the meeting.

The project has just started and part of its procedure is still up in the air, but we are striving for its memorable start to be held in January next year.


We hope that the basis of the program making will be set up soon so that they can move into a new phase to present more interesting and fulfilling contents.♪

For the time being, this Nashi-Radi meeting lunch is scheduled to be held every Thursday. Please feel free to drop in if you are interested in it.

Our office’s original lunch meeting will also be continued. It will also be a good opportunity for Nashi-Radi
staff to get new information and idea from having lunch with faculty staff and students of other departments. We are looking forward to a large turnout.♪