About the Support Office for Female Researchers

The Support Office for Female Researchers of University of Yamanashi was set up on October 1st, 2012.

The office was established to provide on-demand support for female researchers at various stages in life, and to relieve their vague feelings of uncertainties over their future. It also aims to create an atmosphere to increase the number of future female researchers, and to form a solid system and promote it.

Our activity not only provides the support for the female researchers working at the faculties of Education and Human Sciences, Engineering, Life and Environment Sciences, and the related centers, but also transmits support messages for female students (including overseas students) at the Kofu campus.

Implementation structure (pdf)

Message from the Director

A lovely small support office for female researchers has been opened. The assignment of this office is not only to support this university’s female researchers, but also the students to be the future researchers. We welcome your requests and opinions such as “We need such a project”, or “That could be changed this way”. All of our staff members are excited about our new task, and hope to extend a mutual support bringing a breath of fresh air in the campus.

Director Futaba KAZAMA
(Faculty of Life and Environment Sciences)
Deputy director Tomoko TAKAHASHI
(Faculty of Life and Environment Sciences)
Staff members Yasuyuki SHIMOTSUMA (Director of Univ., Member of Committee for Promotion of Gender Equality)
Eiko TORIKAI(Faculty of Engineering
Kimiyo HIRAI(Faculty of Education Human Science)
Coordinator Ichiko INAGAKI
Coordinator assistants Mizuho NAKAJIMA, Shio KOBAYASHI