37. Professor in the Faculty of Education and Human Science, Takashi NAKAMURA


Conohana-san of the Month July edition (Part 1)

 In ‘Conohana-san of the Month’, we discuss the experiences of senior researchers who have successfully managed to balance their research/work with life events such as childbirth, child care and family care.


This month’s interview is with Professor Takashi Nakamura in the Graduate School of Education, and the dean of the Faculty of Education and Human Science. Professor Nakamura is always cheerful♪ always smiling when greeting♪ He concentrates all his energies into cultivating future passionate teachers! 


Introduction of Professor Takashi Nakamura

 Specialty: Science Education (Math Department), Mathematical Education

Organizations:  Education Practice and Innovation Major (Education Practice and Innovation Course), Graduate School of Education, University of Yamanashi


(This interview is held in the dean’s room!) Excuse me …. I feel a little nervous today because this is a rare chance to enter a dean’s room. (I can’t help looking around…so, this is what a dean’s room is like.)


 Please sit down. I was waiting for you. I’m impressed by the various activities of the Support Office. I like the character “Conohana-hime”, too. Who designed it?


Thank you for your compliment! “Conohana-hime” was created by a Support Office staff member, and we all love it♪. Speaking of characters, you too have adorable characters in the faculty of Education and Human Science, don’t you?


 Yes, that’s right! They are called “Nashiko-chan” and “Daifuku”. They were designed by a student who graduated from the Arts Management course in 2013.  Don’t’ you think that “Education” sounds somewhat square? We tried to express our enjoyable atmosphere…and they are doing great on the faculty’s website and brochures. (rustling)

.. We have made these kind of straps and badges.


Wow! You made character goods♪ Oh! Nashiko-chan has a change of clothes♪ This summer dress is very cute!  Please make a living doll of Nashiko-chan, too♪ It would be fantastic if a regular masquerade parade of Kofu Campus Festival (Nashi-Kou-sai) is lead by  Nashiko-chan(^^)・・・Oh, but if Daifuku becomes 160cm tall, it’ll be a little scary. (lol)


 Oh, yeah! We want living dolls, too, but we don’t have a concrete plan yet. Actually, the faculty of Education and Human Science consists of diversely talented students. We have people of all subjects, language, science-math, social studies, domestic science, art, music, and physical education. So my hope is to bring them together to make the faculty enjoyable. By making such character goods, I hope that more ideas will come from students and faculty members to make campus life more fulfilling. I expect that the recently-popular flash mob would be performed in campus. (lol)

  This year we ventured to have an overnight training camp at Fujiyoshida with about 150 newly enrolled students, for the first time. I took the opportunity to speak to them about the joy of being a teacher, and the assistant dean, associate professor Shimura also gave a speech. Associate professor Kimura of physical education instructed yoga exercise at 6:30 next morning. Thanks to being an overnight stay, students seemed to have talked until late at night, but at 6:30 a.m., all of them participated in yoga. Yoga with the view of Mt. Fuji in front of us was a wonderful experience.

 (Photo: Nashiko-chan wearing summer clothes on the 2014 Guidebook for the Faculty of Education and Human Science↑)


I hear that some courses carry out training camps, but isn’t it really a large scale of joint lodging, with all new students in the faculty?! It must be a good chance for them to make friends across departments and courses!


 You are right! We shuffled them into teams of those from different courses and programs as much as possible, so they gave us feedback saying that they had been able to meet many students enrolled together yet with various different aspirations and thoughts. We were really happy about that. Because for the vocation of teaching, it is very important to meet many people, and to broaden one’s perspective by the relationship to others. We hope that students meet as many people as possible, experience many things, and discover the “joys of life” while they are in university.


 For a person, time spent in schools, especially in primary school, is when he or she fosters dreams and possibilities. In such a period, various words of a teacher who is full of knowledge, and is easy to speak to are so influential that you’ll never forget them even after you grow up. So, I want my students have many experiences and find enjoyment not only for themselves but also for their future students too. 

I see! In fact I remember the teachers in my primary school days with their random chat (lol). For children, teachers are close adults who offer a glimpse of the world unknown to them.

 Here is an old saying that “Teachers must be four professionals.” Namely, a scholar (to be dedicated to learning), a doctor (to see the physical and mental conditions of students), a fortune-teller (to penetrate into students’ aptitudes), and an actor (to entertain students and build trust). To be like this is difficult if you don’t like meeting people. If one likes people, encounters, relationships, and like to find out how to build a good relationship even with people who are incompatible, I think that kind of person is cut out to be a teacher. But first of all, there must be “greetings”, in order to start such relationships. So we have launched “Greeting Campaign” in the Building-J, where we are now, to exchange cheerful greetings whether you are a teacher, a staff member or a student!


Uh-huh! Now I understand! I sensed that in Kofu campus, the “greeting rate” was higher around the faculty of Education and Human Science with you at the top (^^)


The next part of this interview will be about when he was an elementary-school teacher, and

a quite intriguing reason that he became a university professor. Please wait!