43. University Auditor Mr. Tatsumi AYUKAWA


Conohana-san of the Month October edition (Part 1)

 In ‘Conohana-san of the Month’, we discuss the experiences of senior researchers who have successfully managed to balance their research/work with life events such as childbirth, childcare and family care.

 This month’s interview is with Mr. Tatsumi Ayukawa, who assumed the office of University of Yamanashi auditor this year.

Actually, he unexpectedly appeared in our Support Office on a very hot summer day in July.


Knock, knock (on a door). The door opens.

Hello. Sorry that I came here without an appointment. I am this universitys auditor. My name is Ayukawa.

..Who? Auditor? Oh, the auditor Mr. Ayukawa! (I see his name on various documents. (~_~;))


He told us that he had been interested in our Support Office since he took his office in April, reading the News Letter on this website.

I felt hesitant to visit here because the office name included the word Female. Now I am here at last, in early summer (lol).

Our office has never interviewed an auditor! Besides I did not know what the auditor did, so I couldnt miss the opportunity to ask him as much as possible! (Excuse for my discourtesy) Im thankful that he kindly gave us an interview which started so suddenly! 


 Introduction of Mr. Tatsumi Ayukawa

June 2007    Yamanashi Chuo Bank, Ltd. Executive Officer, Director of Internal Audits

June 2009    Yamanashi Chuo Hosho, Co., Ltd. President

1 April 2014   Assumed the position of University of Yamanashi auditor



Let me start from the beginning, Im pleased to meet you!  Where do you usually work at the university?

 Im in the office of auditor on the 2F of the Kofu Campus headquarter ward.

 After I took office this April, I used to walk about the campus looking around, but these days its getting really hot, so Im mostly in front of an electric fan taking a break (lol).

I know that the office members play badminton on their lunch break, and they invite me too, but in this season, it makes me dizzy just to think about it. Maybe Ill do it when it becomes autumn.


Yes! Its hard to stay in the gymnasium in the summer (lol). It takes an hour to stop sweating! Maybe you like exercise? Do you have a favorite sport?

 I play golf and go fishing, but not so much as to be called a sport. When my children were small, I took them mountain-stream fishing sometimes, but now I mainly enjoy surf fishing by myself. I would go to Shizuoka which takes about four hours. I sometimes leave my home at midnight, and see the sunrise from the ocean, and return home after seeing off the sun setting in the sea.


● (There are very beautiful photos of sunrise and sunset on his smart phone screen!! Wonderful~) I hear that the fishing is suited to a hasty character, but do you happen to be hasty?

 Im hasty! (flatly).



Are you?! Actually, Im proud of being hasty (lol), so I want to know, how suitable is fishing for hasty people?

 I think patient people may be bored of fishing, because they dont mind just waiting until they catch fish, and they cant enjoy a great catch. Meanwhile, the hasty people try to be strategic if they cant catch fish quickly, and if they happen to catch even one, they may feel proud and develop strategies.(lol) I think such a trial-and-error process is amusing for hasty people.


Hmm, it sounds interesting (becoming curious). What kind of fish can you catch in the surf fishing?

 I fish parrot bass, nibbler, etc. Parrot bass are a kind of root fish, which are in the bottom of the sea. Nibbler are a kind of upper area fish, which we catch using a fishing buoy. This fish is cautious and soon hides beneath the rock. So this is a typical gaming type of fishing. They cut a thin fish line, but if the line is big, they become alert. When chumming, you have to forecast the tide, and the amount of chum must be adjusted according to that…doesnt it sound exciting? I also enjoy fishing chicken grunt in rainy season until summer. This is night fishing, and I fish 20 to 30 grunts at a time. But the problem is afterwards. I have to process them.


Do you cook the fish by yourself? Do you clean fish, too?!

 I clean the fish by myself (^^). I make sashimi from two or three chicken grunts, grill another two or three sprinkled with salt, and dry the rest. The most troublesome work is to dry them. I remove the scales, butterfly the fish, and remove the insides carefully…I cannot finish this without help from my family. After this process, I just wipe them dry and sprinkle salt on them, put them in fridge for two days or so. It dries more inside the refrigerator than you would think.


Whaaat? Can you make dried fish without sunlight? I never knew that…. By the way, oh,

Im sorry I cant stop asking (lol), could you please tell me a little about the work of an auditor? Im afraid that I may be the only one, but I really dont understand the job titles of the university management and their work content.(〃゚д゚〃)

Auditor is a role to be disliked, so to speak. People in most departments hate auditors (lol).


Oh? What does it mean?!?!

・・・What did he mean by saying that? Next time, the contents of the auditors work will be introduced!