44. University Auditor Mr. Tatsumi AYUKAWA 


Conohana-san of the Month October edition (Part 2)

In ‘Conohana-san of the Month’, we discuss the experiences of senior researchers who have successfully managed to balance their research/work with life events such as childbirth, childcare and family care.

Introduction of Mr. Tatsumi Ayukawa

June 2007    Yamanashi Chuo Bank, Ltd. Executive Officer, Director of Internal Audits

June 2009    Yamanashi Chuo Hosho, Co., Ltd. President

 1 April 2014   Assumed the position of University of Yamanashi auditor


 This is a continued part of an interview with Mr. Tatsumi Ayukawa, who assumed the office of University of Yamanashi auditor this year. He will tell us about the work of an “auditor”!

 ●Could you please tell me a little about the work of an auditor?

  Auditor is a role to be disliked, so to speak. People in most departments hate auditors (lol)

●Oh? What does it mean? You are such a wonderful person, aren’t you?

 Well, I didn’t mean I myself was hated (lol).

Oh, excuse me (sweating).  You meant that the work of auditor was hated, right?

  Thats right (lol). The work of an auditor is, well, its not easy to explain…

 Organizations take balance by their promotion departments and administrative departments. Promotion departments in universities are executive committee, namely,   the members of the board which consists of the president and commissioners. Naturally they assume administrative operations, but their main work is to make plans and to practice them. In this university, there are also management council which includes extramural personnel, and education and research council which consists of the faculty members principally. These councils discuss and propose management-related or education and research-related issues respectively, and the board will make decisions. They consider what the benefit is to the University of Yamanashi, and then perform it. On the other hand, administrative departments are to check if the decision is enforced and the rules are correctly observed, or if there are no mistakes and problems.

What are the mistakes and problems?

   For example, usages of public research spending have been at issue in this country especially recently. If the research funding was presented for a certain aim of study, this fund must be used solely for that purpose. If this is used for other than the given purpose, it is unauthorized use. This is a grave mistake. Not only will the researcher him/herself be punished, but also his/her organization will be directed to make investigation and systematic reform. Moreover, it means that the organization lose confidence in society. If the organization is a university, it will make the students and faculty members lose face, and make would-be students lose their motivation and interest. For an organization it is too easy to lose public trust, and once it is lost, it is very difficult to rebuild.

It is true that we often see a press conference for apologies by various organizations these days. General consumers wouldnt like to buy products from companies implicated in the scandal. In the same manner, if this university is involved in an accident which brings a sense of distrust to general public, the negative image may linger for a long time. (>_<)

 Its horrible. Preventing such accidents that damage the name of university before they generate is the work of auditors. By examining and supervising the management not to even have small mistakes and problems that may lead to a big problem, we can prevent accidents. Both the promotion departments and administrative departments are working hard for the sake of university, but their approaches are contrasting. While the promotion sections work for university positively, the administrative sections work against negative matters in the university.


I see, the organization management has such division of roles. But why do auditors who painstakingly work for university have to be hated?

  Well, it cant be helped. You wouldnt be liked if your work is to visit here and there looking into others works and say This seems wrong or This doesnt abide by rules. They are also working hard so they wouldnt feel good when their performance is criticized.

 Why~?! Your findings are to prevent big problems before they occur, arent they? They would rather be grateful for objective check against their work. If someone made mistakes without knowing which might trouble the organization, one may feel I was really helped by the finding of my mistakes in early stages. or My work would have been jeopardized if there werent such indication. You should be thanked rather than to be hated, dont you think?

  Well, there are various cases in reality, so I dont know what to say. I engaged in a corporate job for a long time and it seems to me that Im a kind of actor when doing my work. There are many roles I have to play according to the scene. There are many scenes where you must hide your feeling and thoughts, or in other scenes you have to say something you dont want to say, according to the situation or to your role. Its only several months since I took my position but Im ready to play my role as a disliked person skillfully (lol).

 It sounds coolI said to myself.I understand that your former jobs were bank-related. Did you start working for a bank soon after you graduated from university?

  Yes, I did. Im originally from Yamanashi prefecture, and went to a university in Tokyo. I returned to this prefecture for so called U-turn recruitment. I worked at the head office of a bank for some years, then I was transferred to several branches in and out of this prefecture.


What was the most impressive thing in your days at the bank?

  Especially in financial industries, collusions with customers are strictly prohibited while making confidential relationships with them. Im not a social person from the beginning (Oh, really?!), so there were not many customers who made friends with me, but there were some who made family friends with mine after I left the branch where we had met. One of them made me start surf fishing.


Isnt surf fishing one of your favorite hobbies (see the part 1)? It was such a great encounter that made you find a lifetime pursuit.

  There are a lot of memories as I worked there for such a long time. I hear that this Support Office for Female Researchers (Interactive Space) is used for various interactive events such as a luncheon meeting, right? Maybe there are few people here who experienced a corporate job for many years, so Id be glad to speak of my experience if there is a request from students or researchers.Without such reasons there will be little chance for me to drop by here.


Are you sure? Thatll be great, especially for students who seek jobs in banks or general industries! Currently we hold Moms and Dads Luncheon Meeting, Joshi-kai Luncheon Meeting and Anybody-OK Luncheon Meeting, but it could be a good idea to hold (Tentative name) Job-hunting Luncheon Meeting (with those experienced in working for companies). (^^)

 Well, thank you very much for giving a kind response to my barrage of questions although it was not scheduled! I was really impressed by your precious episodes. 


 Being a hasty person, I feel like making my debut in fishing before long?!