6.Sujata MANANDHAR-Part2



The interview is continued with Ms.Sujata, who had come to University of Yamanashi as a student, and now, is working  as a post-doc researcher at ICRE.


The last time, we introduced her research and her life in Yamanashi.

It was good to hear that she really enjoyed the Yamanashi life.

Let’s take a look at her experiences and feelings at the beginning of her Yamanashi life, and also her wedding story this time.


・By the way, have you ever ridden on a bus in Japan? By my experience, it must be so difficult.

That’s true. I didn’t know the system, so it was actually difficult. But now, for example, going to Kofu station, Lake Kawagugchiko, Shinjuku/Tokyo, Narita airport… No problem!

I mastered some key words for getting the tickets at the ticket counter, such as “Where=Dokomade”, “Which day=Kono-hi(pointing the calendar)”,”How much=Ikuradesuka?”


・Wow, you are cool! But, how about the local bus, not highway express bus? I hesitate taking a local bus, because, for example, when you ride on a bus, you have to take the number ticket first, and pay the fee which is different according to the number you have when getting off the bus. This system must be tough for foreigners. Don’t you think so?

Yes, I totally agree. But if you learn once, it should be no problem!

Now I remember when I visited my friend in Tokyo by local bus. When I took a bus, I couldn’t get the announcement telling the bus stop that I should get off. I asked the driver “Where the ATAGOGINZA?”  Then he told me “We don’t have THAT stop.”…I was very nervous and panic like “Where I’m going?!”

Then, a man came up to me and told me in English that

“Isn’t it JINJA, not GINZA? If so, you can get off at the nest stop.  The pronunciation of “GINZA” and “JINJA” confused me…

Thanks to that man, I got off at the right stop finally, though (phew).


・Wow! WE have both of GINZA and JINJA, but meanings are absolutely different! It must be hard for you.

I have another happening last year. When my parents visited here, I wanted to take them to Kodomonokuni. We were waiting for a bus at Kofu station, but it didn’t come for more than 1 hour! We were waiting waiting waiting… for looooong time,  one lady  could not just stand  watching us, I think, and talked to us in English “Any problems?”

She helped and called the bus company to check the time schedule for us.

After all, we found out that the bus service that I wanted to take was out of service that day(l0l)

Oh my goodness… but we were super happy to have kind people in Yamanashi.


・I am happy to hear that, too!

Buy the way, could you tell me about your love-life and marriage? I heard that you just got married last month. Congratulations!

Thank you! I just came back after wedding trip to Nepal in January 3rd week.


・You have to live separately even just getting married. I can say that it is still rare case in Japan. How about Nepal?

It is common to live with your husband’s parents after marriage in Nepal like in Japan.

The population of couples who continue work after marriage is increasing, and not necessary to live together or to be a housewife nowadays. Our thinking about marriage is also changing. Taking our case, we came to this conclusion naturally.


・Don’t you miss him?

We keep in touch by skype, He is now studying in University of Hong Kong and we have 1hour- time gap only, so no problem. Honestly, I have once told him that I could go to Hong Kong after I have done my PhD here in Yamanashi, but he recommended me to COMPLETE what I want to do.

My husband’s parents are also really considerable and understanding. They kindly let us do what we want if we believe that is the best way for us.

More than anything else, if you believe each other thoroughly, the distance would be nothing.

・That’s wonderful story… the style and thinking about marriage are changing, aren’t they?

Your family is really understanding and cooperative, and they are big supporter of you.

What a nice family.


 ・Could you give us advice to the people who are willing to come to University of Yamanashi?

I think Japan has high level/standard technologies/ research and it is big benefit for you to be able to have much time for research. This could work good way.

But on the other hand, the lectures seem superficial and not enough good to gain basic knowledge which is necessary for research. If these lectures can be enriched, the students would make good use of their practical knowledge more and even the level would be getting much higher.


・What is your goal?

I have been going forward little by little, but surely. So, I want to get a position that I can make full use of my knowledge, skills and experiences in a field dealing with water, agriculture and natural resources.

I hope my research would be helpful for the people in Nepal in the near future.



We are so attracted by her attitude toward research work and life events.

We wish lots of luck for her and the people in Nepal!