7.Associate professor NISHIDA Kei & Mr.M


April 2013 Edition (Part1)

In ‘Conohana-san of the Month’, we introduce experiences of senior researchers who have been successfully managed their work-life balance between research/work and life events such as childbirth, child care and family care.

◎Introduction of  Associate professor NISHIDA Kei

Environmental Dynamics Analysis


Here are male researchers for the first time for Conohana-san!

We interviewed Dr.Nishida who has experienced “Life Events”, and young researcher, Mr.M for this edition.

What Man thinks “Life events”, such as job, family, marriage and child-rearing.


●Nice to meet you. Thank you for accepting our offer to introduce you here as a first male researcher for Conohana-san. We would like to ask you about your job as a researcher and how you balance your career and family, and so on.

Nishida) Yes, anything. I wonder if I can give you any helpful advice, but yes, I will answer as long as I can.

●Also, we would like to introduce young researcher, Mr.M, who is single. This should be a really nice opportunity for us to know what Man thinks about job and “Life events” because we have both here today, experienced married man and non-experienced (in “Life events” field) single man.

 Don’t be so nervous, Please!

Nishida) Well, may I come in? I am not a woman, though…

M) I have a same feeling…

●Sure! WE are sorry, that is our fault that we maybe didn’t explain the purpose of this room and how here works, enough.

This room is a space which is open for all staffs and students of University of Yamanashi, regardless of gender, for communication. One of the main roles of us in this project is to support female researcher, of course. So, we have this room open female only sometimes, though.

Nishida・M)I see. I am a bit comfortable now^^


●Let me ask you, Mr.M. You are now 31 year-old single man, who works in University of Yamanashi as a researcher, right? Let me ask you straight. Do you want to marry?

M)Yes, I do! I have dreamed to have own family. I DO!

●Really. You mean,,, you have a plan?

M)Actually No. No dating, now.

●Are you in KON-KATSU? (kon-katsu : marriage partner hunting)

M)No no, I am not so positive for it at this moment.

●Contrary to your passion to marriage, you seem you are not taking any actions. Why??

M) Honestly, the image I have toward marriage is really unclear.

●What do you mean?

M) I sometimes feel wired when I meet some friends in my generation. The aura of them seems to be changed after marriage. I can’t find appropriate expression, but they seem to have become more reliable and dependable.

Further, they are becoming more reliable and mentally strong than ever after they have children.

●Wow. It seems pretty philosophical and sounds interesting.

M) Does it? Many people say I am a little odd, somehow. lol  I wonder what on earth the change of aura is. It is just vague and unshaped question, though.

●I can say it must be a science person’s brain if you feel sick unless you can solve the questions lol. Mr.Nishida, did you realize you or your aura was changing after marriage?

Nishida) Well…not really. But the thought that we can do if together even if I can not do alone, is getting steady. After we have a baby, he gives us power.

M) really…(lean forward with a look of curiosity)

Nishida) I found out that family gives me a lot of “chances” or “hints” that I couldn’t gain if I was single, ever. It could be a chance to think over the life, it could be a hint to do self-searching…and so on.

I can say that I luckily got most of these “chances”  only because I have family.

M) I see. I actually like to seek and try the possibility as far as I could reach, but do you think the person like me should get married?

Nishida) I think you should. Family thing has grown myself deeper and wider, and add more choices, in my case. It is not just a pile of experiences, it is a chance to plush yourself up by experiences, even me!

M) I see, I see. That’s wonderful that we can get more chances to plush ourselves up! The vague worries are now clear.

Nishida)Let me say, just in case, that the life would be over if you wait for the moment you can make all worries clear. I dare say that the life would be no fun without any worries. It is the time for you to start seeking for your partner.

M) Ha ha ha. Yes, I can agree with you now. I have to start working on it right away.

Nishida) I hope you could find someone who shares and solves the worries together.

●I am happy for you, Mr.M, that you are stepping forward to marriage. Just my curiosity, though, what is your type?

M) That’s really hard to explain with words… but… I like a woman who is independent, and has own opinion and solid belief. I would like to look closely and back up her.

●I see. That’s kind of difficult expression, but I feel you admire the person sincerely.

If you believe “That is ME!”, please let us know! (sorry, just kidding)


For the next edition, we would like to ask them from more realistic asepects. Stay tuned!