8.Associate professor NISHIDA Kei & Mr.M -Part2


April 2013 Edition (Part2)

In ‘Conohana-san of the Month’, we introduce experiences of senior researchers who have been successfully managed their work-life balance between research/work and life events such as childbirth, child care and family care.

◎Introduction of  Associate professor NISHIDA Kei

Environmental Dynamics Analysis


The young researcher, Mr.M seemed to feel clear on philosophical and vague worries that he had had thanks to the advice from Mr.Nishida in the last edition. For this edition, we would like to focus on marriage and family matter more realistically.

●Mr.Nishida, do you help your wife with house works?

Nishida) I like to cook, actually. I used to prepare a BENTO for her and see her off every morning because my working time was more flexible than her when we just got married. But now, she is a house wife after she quit the job, so I lean and relay on her … just folding laundries these days?

●That sounds nice that husband helps wife with house works! What do you think about female researcher from the point of view of male researcher?

Nishida) I think they are brilliant and powerful! I can say I would be exhausted and passed out if I was a female and did the same things in the same circumstances as a researcher. lol

They prepare breakfast for the family, eat, wash dishes, do laundry, go work, work on research, again and again and again, and then, go back home dropping by grocery store for dinner, cook, enjoy time with family, clean up and etc…. I wonder how they can manage all of these works! It never seems enough time and it definitely requires them much energy and stamina. We should respect all of women who deal with all of these tasks.

●That is all true. Even general house wife should be tough enough to deal with all of tasks, but it must be much harder for the researcher, who tends to have long working time. (The face of Prof.Kaz〇ma pops up in my mind…)

I believe that Mr.Nishida can admire and care of his wife because he knows how tough to manage all of house works. Do you have a key to keep balance between job and house works?

Nishida) Well, simply saying that I just did what I could because I had longer time to stay at home at that time. I have no idea about what would be like now if both of us had long working time.

●Do you like to do house works from the beginning?

Nishida) Yes. I don’t dislike them. I haven’t even thought about it that much, but I like to see her working hard and I would even thank her for having chosen me as a partner. So, I wanted to do whatever I could for her.

●You guys are enviable couple!! You have kids, don’t you? What are you like as a father?

Nishida) I think I am a poor father…


Nishida) I maybe look like poor father who always get scold by mother. lol

●You get scold? Why?

Nishida) I have no idea… I can’t stop teasing or keep questioning to my son, maybe I want him to have time and be my company. Then, my wife stops and tells me not to stick on him…he is already in junior high.

M)You must be kind of sad…

Nishida) Not really, actually I am happy.


Nishida) Yes, I am happy to feel “ yeah… he is growing up”.

M) You feel Happy even though you have to keep a little distance from your son… I never expected that you feel that way. It must be special feeling that cannot come up if you are single.

●You, Mr.M, look to be attracted and feel like having your own family. Well now, Mr.Nishida, what are you like as a husband?

Nishida) I could be bad husband. lol

●Because you are all the time scold?

Nishida) Besides it, I give her many worries…

●What kind?

Nishida) I had been really working–type man. I had worked even weekend or I brought works back home and worked on them at home.

●It isn’t good. I don’t mean to tell you on behalf of your wife but we want husband to switch his mind on and off between work and family matter.

Nishida) Yes, I know. I am truly bad husband. lol

I realized how bad I had been a little while ago, and felt so sorry for her hard working. And then, I changed my life style, try to leave the office at the fixed time and not to bring tasks home. I sometime do it again, though. But I started sports to spend smiley days and I still enjoy them.

●That is great you have reflected on your life style for better life, and it must be a first step for better husband.. What sports do you enjoy?

Nishida) I play soccer twice a week with friends from this university. No matter who you are, faculty, professor, staff, student. Everyone who wants to play soccer just gather all together on the playground.

●That must be very good for your health. Can women join you?

Nishida) Yes, why not! We actually have female members. What you need is just to come to the playground and play!

Honestly, I can see another good effect on work, as well. The communication each other is getting more smoother and much better. It can replace for so called “Nomi-nucation” (Nomi mean to drink alcohol). We have members who join every time and others, as well, and we think “who is missing?” “Yeah, must be business trip” every time spontaneously. This feeling and atmosphere enhance our relationship.

M) Oh, Yes! We can see what you want by just eye contact.

 ●That’s too close. Let’s even talk!


Thank you very much for your all talk philosophically and realistically. I think I was laughing all through the interview. How did you like it?

M) It was very fun to have fruitful conversation unexpectedly(?).

Nishida) I haven’t had chance to talk with Mr.M like this even without alcohol. It was really nice opportunity. But I am worried if you could write an article with our talk like this.

●Well… it would be no problem. I will work on it hard. Thank you for your concern!


Thinking deeply, it is unusual to have this kind of conversation about marriage thing at work place even without alcohol.

Mr.Nishida has wonderful family which is in full of love, and Mr.M seemd to start thinking to have his own lovely family just like Mr.Nishida has more realistically through this interview.

Thank you for the wonderful time and I enjoyed talking with you guys!


A few days later, we got a massage from Mr.M and that made us happy.

“ I realized through this interview that to raise awareness of man toward life-work-balance should be one of the support for woman.”

 We are so happy to hear that! Thank you, Mr.M.