17.Prof.Ryutarou OHBUCHI


Conohana of the month September version (Part1)

 This interview is with Prof. Ryutaro Ohbuchi from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering.  Prof. Ohbuchi lectured on June 7th, 2013 in the course titled “Career Development for Science Major Women.”

After finishing a master’s degree at a university in Tokyo, Prof. Ohbuchi built his career at a foreign major computer related company and a university in the United States.  At the same time, he is currently taking care of housework and child rearing as a father of two children.


◎Introduction of Prof. Ryutaro Obuchi

Major: perceptual information processing/intelligence robotics (pattern recognition, multimedia data mining), information and media science/database (multimedia data processing, multimedia data searching, three-dimension shape-similarity search)

Organization: Department of Computer Science and Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, the Engineering Area Mechanical Electronic Information System Engineering Course (Computer Science and Engineering) in the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering


● We already know what a great househusband you are as it’s already introduced in a website for examinees of the university, an article called “Nashidai Club, Who’s Who.”


How long has it been since this article was released?

My oldest child is now in the 8th grade so it’s five years ago.  However, my life has not changed almost at all since then. My family is still living like that.


● You are very good at cooking and I, also being a housewife (phew), eternally jealous of that.  How did you start cooking?

Without any chance to start cooking, I originally liked making something generally.  Cooking is making something, isn’t it?  My hobby is rock climbing and that made me interested in a more elaborate way of cooking.  For rock climbing, I was managing intake of calories and nutritional elements to control weight and muscle strength.  On the day when I decide to eat, I want to concentrate on eating something good.  Then I came to pursue cooking something good with controlled calories and ingredients such as fat by different kind of food.  Still now, I roughly calculate and control consumed calories every day.  I am a chef, “Nutrition gatekeeper” in other words, for my family.


●  That’s why your body is well maintained, very fresh and young!  (He looks 40’s but actually is 56 years old. What a surprise!) Now I remember that you were asking how many calories a rice ball at a convenience store had to the students in your lecture・・・I was one of those who had no idea (lol).

  (Note: A website of a certain convenience store says that “hand-made salmon rice ball” is 172kcal and “rice ball with directly-rolled seaweed, tuna and mayonnaise” is 262kcal.)

This is a question based on our key word, a work-life balance.  Let me ask straight forward. When you were getting married, did you and your partner discuss where to live or how to share household tasks?

Let’s see… we had some options about where to live.  We knew that my wife’s work place would stay in the Tokyo area.  So our options of home were Tokyo, Yamanashi or somewhere halfway such as Takao or Otsuki.  Out of those options, we decided on Yamanashi because we thought one of us had to live near the work place so that one of us could pick our children up every day and cope with any emergency.  Living in Yamanashi automatically meant that my wife had to leave home early in the morning for work so I took care of the household generally.  I don’t hate domestic tasks (^^) and am now capable of everything.


● How do you share household tasks with your partner?  For example, in my case, my husband washes the bathroom (lol)

My wife is in charge of cleaning but it’s only on the weekends.  Another weekend task of my wife used to be taking our children to and from a sport club and attend their games.  I asked her to do as much as possible when our child was in a club even when she seemed to be a bit tired.  Otherwise, she had little time to spend with our children.  She needed time to communicate with her children.


● I see.  What a caring thought.

Mr. Obuchi has a respectable style that he aims for the best for everything (^^)

We are going to talk about how he balances work and life in part 2.  Please enjoy the latter half of the interview as well!