20.Mrs. Miki Ogata who graduated from Yamanashi University.-Part2


October edition (Part 2)


◎ Introduction of Ms. Miki Ogata

<Education> Graduated from the Department of Chemical Biotechnology in the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Yamanashi (Currently the Department of Biotechnology in the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences), the University of Yamanashi Graduate School

<Organization> Researcher, Planninng and Information Division, Planning and Information Department, Yamanashi Pre. Industrial Technology Center


● In Part 1, Ms. Ogata told us how she enjoys her job based on how she went through her university years and what she felt there!  It may be because of her unique experience that she introduced a rather unusual (?) way of drawing an image of the future to the students in the lecture.  There were also graphs in the lecture to help understanding but let me roughly explain in the following sentences.


 “DNA ≠ genetic information”

  →Expression of genes relies on an acquired environment.

Therefore, be noted that an environment is creating you.


“Put an additive into a culture medium of a yeast…

A:If the additive is put at the beginning of cultivation, production amount of bacterial cells rapidly increases from 72 hours later.

B:If the additive is put after 72 hours from the beginning, production amount of bacterial cells does not change and stays almost the same during the process.

   → To make a change in a substance, you need to start from an early stage.

Therefore, try hard to learn knowledge and gain experiences that impact your environment at an early stage.


It’s another piece of “magic” that having started as a science data issue, develops into a university-life theory (lol).

 I have no experience in teaching so I wondered how to put together a lecture until I had this idea.  Out of many other sayings of wise men that I introduced in the lecture today, my best one is “Happiness is always defined by my heart (Mitsuo Aida).”  There is no need to explain this phrase and I truly agree with his words.


● Talking about happiness, I heard that you just got married.  Best wishes!  Is there any change in your life after getting married?

 Thank you♪  Any change… we just made a registration last month (shy).


● Wow!  It’s only been a month?!  You are super newly married!  Can you control the rhythm of your new life yet?

 Not yet.  When I cook, I tend to cook too much because I don’t know how much is good for two of us.  Also, it’s still hard to quickly cook something good with whatever I have in the refrigerator.  Actually, our refrigerator is still a small one from the time when my husband was living alone so I have to go to grocery shopping almost every day.  My husband does not want to get a bigger one saying that the small one is still working fine.


● You definitely need a bigger refrigerator as both of you are working full time! (I go to a big grocery shopping only once a week and stuff everything into a big refrigerator.)  I understand that the small one is “still working fine” but it doesn’t have enough capacity.  I hope for your sake that the situation will change soon (lol).

What is your thought about recent discussion about work-life balance and a three-year maternity leave?

 My husband is commuting a long distance so I have relatively more time at home.  I mainly take care of housework but we share tasks and cooperate with each other.  Regarding maternity leave, there is already a system of a three-year leave at the longest.  Personnel transfer at my workplace is basically every three years so it seems to be easier to go back to work even after a relatively longer period of maternity leave.

I fortunately have many good colleagues at my workplace so I want to continue working there even if I have a child and take maternity leave.



●Thank you very much!  I wish you a lot of success in the future!

 Mrs. Ogata is enjoying her work from a unique perspective and creating a new marriage life in cooperation with her husband.  It was a lot of fun to talk with someone who is spending a fruitful time both in work and in her private life (^^)

This interview was in June and I’m still wondering how things went with the refrigerator (lol).