22.Mrs. Mariko Takahashi who is a Cosmos navigtor-Part2


November edition(Part-2)


◎ Introduction of Ms. Mariko Takahashi

<Education> Graduated from the University of Hokkaido, Completed the course work of the University of Nagoya Graduate school Doctor’s Course (Latter period)

<Organization> Worked at the Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center in charge of astronomy,  Established “Hoshizora Kobo Arurisha”  this fiscal year (http://alricha.net/), the Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center Astronomy Adviser, Lecturer at the Yamanashi Prefectural University and Nihon University College of Art.

● What kind of dream?

 When I was a university student, I was thinking how to live my life with everything I love.  Then my idea was “to make a museum someday.”  I thought that it was beautiful to have all the different kinds of expressions for one theme, not only science but also literature, music and others.


● It’s a science museum!

 Yes, I decided to find a job at a science museum.  I was happy that I could make up my mind but I didn’t know how.  So I sent letters to many science museums and asked how I could get a job at a science museum.


● You took a big chance.  It must have taken a lot as there was no convenient tool like the Internet at that time.

 It was a big deal but I could receive encouraging messages and advice from nice curators of the museums.  Also I could luckily get a position at the Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center which was just opening.  That’s how I started a living by working at a planetarium.


● You did a great job.  Like when you passed the university exam, you once again demonstrated that where there is a will, there is a way.  So that lead you to the jobs you are doing now.

 Since then, I worked for planetarium programs making and commentary, “Hoshitsumugi no Uta” planning, supporting planetarium-based activities by a civic group “Hoshi no Kataribe”, and “Lite-down Kofu-valley.”  Doing all those jobs, now I know that my work in short is to “connect” “produce” and “message”.


● Do you talk about stars at home?

 Yes, I do.  I have two children, a boy and a girl.  They both know that my work is something about stars but they don’t understand very well (lol).  My son understands but my daughter feels lonely when she is left alone and I’m away working.  She said that the narrator of the planetarium was not me because the voice was different.  She is probably feeling jealous to the starlit sky.  But when she draws my portrait, she always put stars nearby.  By the way, my husband is in Sapporo.  He travels to Yamanashi every weekend.


● Your job is a rival for your children.  I anticipate that you have been very busy since you started to work for the planetarium.  How do you manage taking care of the children?

 Our parents who are in Saitama and Chiba have been very supportive but they cannot come so often.  I also fully utilized the family support service in Yamanashi.  My husband is also helpful over weekends.  I don’t think I’m fit for a full time mother.  I can take care of my children and work because I have both.


● I see.  There are many different ways to live.  There is no wrong way and every way is nice and unique to each person.  What do you want your children to be like in the future?

 I want them to find something that fascinates them.  That is my only wish.


● They already have support from their mother to follow their dreams!  Would you give a message to students?

 Everything is someone’s work, something that was produced by somebody.  The whole society consists of works by somebody.  Also, a producer’s thought will be passed on to users.  If everybody works with a thought, all the thoughts are part of the whole society.  So I wish that all people work for something that they can have a good thought for.

Take time and think, while you are student, what is a job that you can have a good thought for.

It’s the best time that you should think and you can think.


● Thank you very much , Ms. Takahashi!

 Ms. Takahashi’s accessory is a shape of stars.  She has a friend who says “seeing stars reminds me of Mariko.”  How nice!