January edition

This interview is with Prof. Yasue Kobayashi from the Maternity nursing/midwifery course in the Faculty of Medicine.  Prof. Kobayashi lectured onJuly 19th, 2013 in the course titled “Career Development for Science Major Women.”

The title of the lecture was “Support the birth of life” and the main topics were delivering and raising children and protecting one’s body and that of one’s partner.  She demonstrated how a baby is delivered moving through the pelvis using a baby doll.


A baby turns around to come out smoothly!

A newborn-baby robot was used to teach how to hold a baby.


This way, both hands are full and you cannot do anything else!

This is correct↓ This way it’s more stable using both lower and upper arms of only one arm!

You have to cuddle the baby, give milk and change diapers in a timely manner because otherwise the baby robot will cry.  Students hustled but eventually could take care of the baby (lol)

◎ Introduction of Prof. Yasue Kobayashi

Organization: the Maternity nursing/midwifery course in the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering, the University of Yamanashi 

Work history summary: Graduated from the Department of Nursing in the Faculty of Nursing, St. Luke’sCollege ofNursing in 1987.  Worked at a hospital for seven years as a midwife.  Worked as an assistant teacher and a lecturer at a college of nursing.  Currently a professor of theUniversity ofYamanashi.


● It was a lot of fun that we had the “baby robot” in the class today (lol).  I assume that it was a very good experience for the students.

 I agree.  Actually, I didn’t bring the “baby” last year to the same class but one of the male students told me that he had been wanting to try.  So I came with the baby this year.  I’m glad that the baby was very popular(^^) 

Usually I take the baby robot to a child care class for new fathers and mothers.

 I’m not sure what kind of health education and sex education are given at schools nowadays but I want everybody to know the basics about having a child.


●  I heard that you decided to become a nurse because of the blood drawing experience you had when you were a child.  You got a needle pierced many times into your arm (lol)

 That’s right.  When I was in elementary school, I got injured and they needed to draw my blood for a test.  I was only a child and simply hated needle, moreover, they stuck a needle into my arm many times (tears) That made me frustrated and swear that I would become a better-skilled nurse who can finish drawing blood with only one try, even from a child! (lol) That was the first time I ever seriously thought about what I wanted to become in the future.

Actually this story continues.  I didn’t know until I actually became a nurse that my arm blood vessels are very difficult to draw from!  Now I finally understand the situation from the opposite side, why they had to try many times.  It must have been quite difficult for the nurse at that time to draw blood from my child-size arm with a difficult vessel running pattern (lol)


●  The nurse must have been feeling sad being stared at by a girl who had a difficult arm to draw blood from (lol)  But it’s interesting that it was a start for the girl to become a brilliant nurse!  By the way, why did you become a “midwife” from a “nurse”?

 Well, I actually never aimed for becoming a midwife.


●  No kidding (lol) An “expert midwife” like you should have a strong sense of mission or purpose. (←though it’s my selfish preoccupation.)

 I wasn’t thinking of becoming a midwife at all.  It’s just that things automatically happened that way.  At the time of promotion from junior year to senior year of the nursing department, a teacher asked me if I wanted to choose the midwife curriculum.  I wasn’t going to at the beginning but the teacher recommended me to apply anyway and I did so without taking it seriously.  So I became a midwife automatically when I finished the curriculum.  I would not have been doing this if the teacher had not talked me into it.


●  Wow, I didn’t expect such a story at all!  But I assume that you fit the role♪

In the next edition, let’s ask how she became a university professor from a midwife.  Stay tuned!