Conohana of the month  January edition (Part2)


The interview continues with Prof. Yasue Kobayashi from the Maternity nursing/midwifery course(母性看護・助産学) in the Faculty of Medicine.  Prof. Kobayashi lectured onJuly 19th, 2013 in the course titled “Career Development for Science Major Women.”


●  You already told me that you chose the midwife curriculum at the nursing college casually and became a midwife without a strong intention.  After that, how did you become a university professor from a midwife?

 After graduating college, I worked at a hospital as a midwife for seven years.  Many nursing colleges were established inJapanat that time.  In a trend of the time, a position was offered to me.  I worked for a nursing college in Hyogo prefecture for four years as a teaching assistant.


●  You sound like it was an easy change but it seems to take a lot of courage to change jobs after working for one place for seven years.

 Well, hmmm, just a bit of courage (lol)  I was actually more interested in outpatient nursing at that time, on the other hand, I had no idea about becoming a teacher.  So I was simply surprised to receive such an offer.

But I gradually changed my mind and decided to try the brand new idea that I didn’t have.


●  I didn’t expect such a story!  But I assume that you fit the role… oops, I’m repeating myself!  It seems like something was guiding you.

 I agree (lol)  It’s not that I was setting a target or that I aimed for something, but something took me to the next position before I knew it.


●  After that, how did you become a professor at the University of Yamanashi?

 After the four years as a teaching assistant, I entered the master’s course and graduated.  After I got the master’s degree, I worked at a prefectural nursing college in Yamanashi as a lecturer, then worked at theUniversityofYamanashias an assistant professor while I was going to the doctor’s course inTokyo.  I became a professor at theUniversityofYamanashiat the time that I got the doctor’s degree.


● Were you working as teaching assistant and studying in the doctor’s course at the same time?!

 Yes, I was.  I was teaching at theUniversityofYamanashi, both lectures and exercise programs, and going to school inTokyo.  It actually took five years to finish the doctor’s degree.  It was a very hard time especially doing course works and submitting a thesis.  But there were good friends who helped and encouraged me always and I managed to finish everything.  It was the time that I most felt the importance of having good friends.


●  It’s important to have somebody who supports you mentally.  What a beautiful story♪  You have been teaching for a long time since you became a teaching assistant.  What is your thought about the teaching job?

 I came to think about the difference between “fate and destiny” but it is not a difficult philosophy or anything(lol)  My “fate” seems to be “passing something on to people and developing people.”  My “destiny” seems to be “a professor.”  Probably (shy)


● That’s a beautiful thought♪  The way you became a professor seems to be predestined.  What is your future goal?

 My goal is always to “face the present” but it’s difficult to work hard for what I can do right now!  I always wonder if it’s my full power.  I ask myself if I am really doing everything I can.  It’s my eternal theme!


●  Oh, I see.  What an enlightening message.  Lastly, would you give a message to the students who will be working in society soon?

 A message, let’s see.  I don’t have anything special to tell to young people but maybe I could give advice by looking back on my own life, “don’t go against and follow the way in front of you.”  Talking from my own experience, I have somehow reached the current position as a result of walking in the direction indicated each time.  Sometimes there is a way that you need to push with a strong will.  But there is also another way not to be resistant and naturally take a way that lies in front of you.


●  That’s a very unique message from someone who is guided by something!  Thank you for your time for the interview!

By the way, Ms. Kobayashi, well, I have been wanting to ask one more question.

  Please go ahead.


●  I added up the number of years in your career history but you look much younger than my calculation.

  What?  My age?  I became 50 this year (^^)  I always look younger and sometimes it’s a problem (lol)

 ● What a surprise!!!  What makes you look so young?!

 There is no secret.  I don’t take any special care of my skin at all.

Oh, so my secret to stay young is “taking no special care” (lol) and healing from my lovely dog “Kokoro”♪