39.What is the reason to learn physics in the Department of Applied Chemistry of the Faculty of Engineering?


This interview is with a trio of good friends in the department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering! Actually, all of them are from outside of Yamanashi prefecture, and it was the first time for them to step into Yamanashi when they took the entrance examination.


Will you tell me where you are from, each of you?

Ms. G: I’m from Gifu prefecture.






Ms. S: I’m from Shizuoka prefecture.







Ms. N: I’m from Nagano prefecture.







All are from different places. What made you choose the University of Yamanashi?


Ms. G: I had wanted to work in a pharmacy-related or bio-related field. But to enter a department of pharmaceutical science was a little higher hurdle for me (-_-;). So I consulted a teacher in my high school, who informed me that the department of Chemistry of University of Yamanashi had researchers studying pharmacy and bio-related fields. That was the reason.


Ms. S: I’ve been fond of the subjects of science and math since I was in middle school, so my options were the departments of science and engineering. But I didn’t like urbanized places and crowds so much…, so a career guidance teacher introduced the University of Yamanashi to me. There are few departments, and the atmosphere of the campus is not much different from a large park in my hometown (lol). I think I was right to come here, it suits me.

Ms. N: I was caught up in sports in my high school days. So there was an option of admission on recommendation by my performance of athletics. But I couldn’t make future plans with sports…I was aware that I wouldn’t be able to become a top athlete. So I thought about what to study in university, and I found that the science-math course had many things I felt “more interesting!” In the options given by the result of academic aptitude test, I chose University of Yamanashi because it was closer to Nagano prefecture.


Each of you had a different reason to come here (^^). What was your first impression of Yamanashi prefecture? 


Ms. N: I was living near the mountains in Nagano prefecture, imagining that a prefectural capital was bustling… it fell a little short of my expectation, you see? (lol).


Ms. G: I agree! Especially the north side of Kofu station is quiet with few shops~.


Ms. S: In the first place, in Yamanashi, you cannot see the ocean however high you climb!

All except Ms. S: You can’t help it~ (All those from the prefectures with no access to the sea were reactive to someone from Shizuoka prefecture.)


Ms. N: Shinshu University in Nagano prefecture has a huge campus for each department, and the campuses are scattered around the prefecture. I grew up thinking that the national universities were all like this. So I was a little surprised to see the Kofu campus for the first time feeling, “How small it is!”


Ms. G: I felt the same way, and I thought the general roads were narrow, too. I won’t say I don’t like it.


Ms. S: Yes, the roads are narrow! I passed through Takeda dori before taking the entrance exam, and I was told “This seems to be a main street”, which surprised me very much. In Shizuoka main streets have three lanes each way (lol). But I like this city not being so urbanized♪


Ms. G: Another unexpected thing was Mt. Fuji cannot be seen much.


Ms. N: Oh, you are right. The expectation that Yamanashi is for Mt. Fuji also fell short, right?


Ms. S: In most part of Shizuoka, You will see Mt. Fuji on the north, and you will never get lost, but in Kofu, Mt. Fuji sits on the south (lol). Besides only the upper part is visible, isn’t it?It took some time for me to get used to this




Mt. Fuji viewed from Y-building of Kofu campus is like this.


 (This kind of all-too-common stories by people from other prefectures continued for some time (^^) )  Now, what were your impressions of the department of Applied Chemistry, after entering?


Ms. G: At the orientation, there was an explanation that the curriculum is for six years including master’s course. I hadn’t known that until that time, but it is the same in the departments of science course in most universities. It means that in the departments, it requires at least six years to learn from basics to a practical stage.


Ms. N: I heard it, too. They explained that two years of master course is necessary to cultivate human resources who can be active in the final stage in the field of their specialties.


Ms. S: “Applied Chemistry” is to develop chemistry to its application, you see. All of us are going into master’s course.


Oh, you are. What do you think of your future after the master’s course, taking a job?


Ms. G: I’m thinking of going back home to find a job in bio-related company there.


Ms. N: I’m also thinking of going back to my hometown. I’m hoping to get a job where I can do some analyses.


 Ms. S: I hope to find a research job in a laboratory of somewhere like a public research institute.


They’ve already started to think of their future concretely. How reliable they are♪

What kind of study do they do in the department of Applied Chemistry? Check it out next time!