42. Mr. L from Guatemala, why did you choose University of Yamanashi? (Continued)


In the last interview, he talked about his impression of Japan, about food, and about his study. In this interview, he’ll tell us what he is aiming at!


Q:What would you like to be, after studying at University of Yamanashi?


:Rather than to be something, I want to resolve the problems of garbage in Guatemala.

 In my country, how to handle waste is a big social problem now.

 Guatemala has become a tourist site, and many tourists come from overseas. To answer the demand, many large buildings were constructed. But the control of waste was not developed, and the amount of waste has just increased.


Oh, I see. It’s regrettable.


Yes, it is. One day I went to an observation tour in a waste collection site. It was just 500m away from a famous lake in Guatemala, so the chances were that if it rained a lot, the contaminated water from the site would flow to the lake. Besides a part of the collected garbage flooded over the fence between the collection site and the lake.

 This lake (photo) boasted of its clear water fifteen years ago.

 But now, it is too contaminated for fish to live in.

 In Guatemala, the problem is that the waste collection sites are near waterfronts, overall, there is too much waste.

 However, if we control the problem now, its procession can be stopped at least.

 I’m also studying how to dispose of (how to recycle) collected waste.


 You are considering the future of your country with foresight.


Yes, that’s the reason I came to Japan. After going back to my country, I want to work at a governmental agency to control waste and water quality.


Q:Oh! How promising!  So the study now you are doing will lead to your future vocation, and to your dream, right?


: Yes, I believe so. I’m studying hard for it!


Q:I’ve been overwhelmed by your passion for study (lol).

You are very good at Japanese, but when you use some English words in conversation, it sounds something special.

 Do I hear a Spanish accent, maybe?


: Oh, yes, we speak Spanish in Guatemala. Do I pronounce it like that?


(Sometimes he pronounces an English word with “S” on top as “Es—“, which sounds somewhat noble to me! For example, “Stress” is pronounced “Estress”.) 


 Q:Lastly, will you give the Japanese and overseas students in the University of Yamanashi some advice, please?


A:I think when we are university students, we are having the best time of our lives.

 So we should enjoy ourselves not just spending time only for study. Now we can enjoy with friends, go traveling…

 After becoming a member of society, we must spend more time for work and family, and it will be more difficult to find time for yourself!


   I remember that you said such a thing in the beginning of this interview!


Q:This is the very last question!

 What do you think of Japanese girls? Do you have a girl friend? ♪


A:I think Japanese girls are beautiful. I like them smiling!

For the time being, I’m available.


…Being good at cooking, stylish, with high aspiration for the future…He must be popular with girls! (Interviewer’s impression.)


Muchas gracias (thank you very much) for today!!