43. Arts Management Course in the Department of Education and Human Science – she found it great after enrolled!


This interview is with Ms. Y, who studies in the Arts Management Course of Lifelong Education Program, the Department of Education and Human Science.

Arts Management Course is a rare course enrolling only about ten students a year. I was able to learn what they are studying there…it sounded surprisingly interesting! If I were a high school student, I would have wanted to enter this course. (lol)

Hi! You are wearing something stylish every time I see you♪. Today you are in a lovely dress. (^^) I hear that you are from Yamanashi prefecture, but your fashion is so urbanized. Since when have you been so fashion-minded?


I became fashion-conscious when I was in high school. But I had to wear school uniform then, so I couldn’t enjoy my style so much, I just arranged the way of putting on a school tie. So after becoming a university student, I’m really enjoying what and how to wear.♪


Didn’t you want to go to a university in Tokyo?


To be honest, I didn’t intend to take the entrance exam of University of Yamanashi. I wanted to get a fashion-related job. But a career adviser in my high school, who was a music teacher, understood my character and individuality, and strongly recommended me for the Arts Management Course of Nashidai, saying that the study must be done while young and that I would never regret going there.


A shot at Roppongi Hills. Posing as a model!


Career adviser teachers often suggest what you don’t expect. What was the final thing that made you decide to take the entrance exam for this university?


It was that I would just take the exam, and if I fail, they would let me find a job. I passed, for good or bad….(bitter smile).


That was it. You were not very happy to enter this university, and what was your impression of actual student life?


Without having a sense of purpose or motivation, I kept my sloppy attitude and was in a bad mood until registering for the first courses (lol). But once the courses started, I liked them, and now, I really enjoy studying here!


Oh, that’s good!♪ Wasn’t your enjoyment ten-fold because you hadn’t expected it? What do you enjoy specifically?


 In the general liberal arts for the first year, I registered for many courses which seemed “interesting” to me. I chose civil engineering & construction, hazard prevention, philosophy, etc., adding to the courses of English language and literature which had been my favorite. They were really interesting! So I’m happy now!


Oh, really? You sound like you are fully enjoying what you can learn at university.


Actually, I love literature and I like reading. These are the books now I’m reading. I carry them with me so that I can read them whenever I find a break time. I’m often told that these books are unexpected for me to read, from my appearance. (lol)


Mishima, Kafka, and Kobo Abe! Hey, I used to read them (^^). In fact, if you say you are reading these, one may feel a gap between the books and your far-out fashion. What part of these writers fascinates you?


 For instance, Yukio Mishima’s presentation is sensitive, and his talent in writing or the expressiveness is extraordinary. I’m also charmed by Kobo Abe who precisely depicts the relationship between society and human, and weaknesses or a dark side of a person. Soseki Natsume is interesting including its historical background, because he wrote about the people in those times, how they thought and worried in those times. When I learned that these pure-literature writers had been greatly influenced by Franz Kafka, famous for his novels of absurdity, I felt like reading his works, isn’t it natural?


Feeling like reading! All right, that’s the way youdevelop your curiosity.


 Exactly! My perspective is getting broader, or the number of my drawers are increasing, for literature, music, fine arts, and arts in general, including the society and the world. That’s the status of my mind now. In the Arts Management Course, there are many classes that may accelerate the development of my curiosity. Now I feel I was lucky to go on to university.


I wanted to ask about the Arts Management Course. What do they study in the course?


 We study theory of museum management, theory of theater operation, conservation and restoration of art objects, and more, so fascinating!


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