44. Arts Management Course in the Department of Education and Human Science has such subjects to learn!


This interview is again with Ms. Y, studying at the Arts Management Course of Lifelong Education Program, the Department of Education and Human Science.

 Today the actual status of the Arts Management Course will be disclosed at last! (lol)

 What do students learn at the Arts Management Course?


We learn things such as “Theory of museum management”, “Theory of theater operation”, and “Art objects conservation and restoration”. They are interesting.♪ We can learn each art itself, but there will be an option for us to be a curator of museum by learning the art field in a wide range.





What was the most interesting study so far?


 It was “Theory of museum management”! We visited an actual museum, traced an ongoing exhibition corner, and made a revision plan thinking that “If I were a curator, I would have done this!” As for me, I chose “Mishima Yukio Literary Museum” by Lake Yamanaka. This is (showing) what I planned based on my persistence to Mishima as a fan of his. I wrote my idea that the setup inside the museum should be multilingual because Mishima’s works are loved around the world. (Abashed)

 This museum will have more tourists from overseas thanks to the recent World Heritage listing, and to the good location by Lake Yamanaka, but I thought at the same time that the tourists without any knowledge of Mishima would rarely visit this museum. So I thought that the exhibition for the fans of Mishima shouldn’t be in ordinary chronological order. I dwelled on many other things…doesn’t it sound intriguing?


 To visit the museum of the leading figure of the literary world, I chose my outfit to coordinate with subdued and classical atmosphere, and appealed my individuality with an accent color.


Well, I’m intrigued.♪ Is “Art objects conservation and restoration” a little science oriented?


Yes, it is. In order to examine the exhibitions and others, we not only learn the knowledge of the materials of the objects, but also learn how to analyze the substance, and how to use the tools for the analysis.

  For example, this is a part of its textbook, which reads “fluorescent X-ray analysis method”, or “infrared analysis method”, which sounds like physics. We also learned how to make and write the registration lists for conservation. There were other interesting classes to offer a lesson to calculate the balance assuming an installation of an exhibition at the university’s Akarenga-kan building, or a backstage observation tour in a theater where an opera was actually being performed.


Wait a minute, are they doing such interesting things?! I never knew that…(this comment may be offensive to some parties concerned ^^;)


  These special subjects were taken by all of the 11 students in the same year (7 female students and 4 male students).  There are few classes given in an ordinary lecture style requiring textbooks and notebooks, and many of them are held in a workshop or a discussion style. Especially in discussion, we are required to prepare our own thoughts, and to communicate it simply and precisely. So we are training our self-expression ability too, while learning the field of arts.


The study at the Arts Management Course is not limited to the appreciation of arts, but it includes general culture encompassing the field, and the training of self-expression ability・・・This course sounds incredible! I’m sorry I didn’t know that by now. (^^;) Now that I’ve heard about your university life, may I ask what you think of your future?


Now I’m very much enjoying the feeling that I’m making progress, or broadening my perspective, so that I can comprehend everything including good and evil from various points of view. So for the time being, I hope to keep on improving the “quality” of myself. In other words, I want to explore as far as possible. My interest still has no limit, I’m determined to go abroad to study foreign language for one thing, and I want to get higher capitalizing on what I have acquired to this point.


You still have unknown brilliant future to come! That seems so great! It thrills me too♪

 Thank you for a lot of precious information!