47. Interview with two graduate students as members of society. They are specialists in the trade!


This interview is with Ms. Maiko TAKAGI who is in the second year of the Art and Culture course, majoring in Subject Pedagogy at the Graduate School of Education of this university, and Ms. Yuko SAGARA in the second year of the Body Culture course in the same major of Subject Pedagogy at the Graduate School of Education. Both of them are graduate students, mothers, and professionals!!

They are active professionals but they keep on studying, having passed the entrance examination designed for working people at the Graduate School at the University of Yamanashi. We have already introduced such students in this series of interviews, and learned their various motives to study here. How about these two?


Introduction of Maiko Takagi

Current education: 2nd year of Art and Culture course, Subject Pedagogy major, Graduate School of Education (Masters course), Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, the University of Yamanashi.

Career (current work): Part-time instructor at Tokyo University of Social Welfare, a lecturer at Tokyo Muse Academy (a preparatory school for colleges of music), a member of Oikawa Music Office, a member of Japan Federation of Musicians.

Blog: Maiko Takagis Music Life


Introduction of Yuko Sagara

Current education: 2nd year of the Body Culture course, Subject Pedagogy major, Graduate School of Education (Masters course), Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, the University of Yamanashi

Career: Announcer at YBS (Yamanashi Broadcasting System) from the year 2001,

freelance announcer from 2006.

Qualifications: 4th grade of JFA football referee, an official sports leader at a judicial foundation Japan Amateur Sports Association, 1st grade of Hanaken (proficiency test of spoken Japanese) of the Association of Spoken Japanese for Better Communication

Blog: Yu-yu jiteki (Yukos life at leisure)


Its nice to meet you both!  Before this interview I was able to see your profiles. Both of you are real professionals! Firstly Id like to ask why you decided to be graduate students. May I ask you first, Ms. Sagara?

S)  Sure. My purpose is to improve my announcing skills as a freelance announcer. It’s not easy to find work for a freelance announcer if he or she does not have a favorite field or features. In my case Im good at sports announcing, so I decided to learn the proper method in a graduate school.


Do you play sports yourself?

S)  I played lacrosse when I was a university student. I was rather seriously involved in it (lol). My student life was like, exercising from early morning, working part time in the daytime, and going to bed at 9:30.


Were you in a sports related college or major?

S)  No, no! I was in the department of political science at the faculty of law. Lacrosse was my club activity. Actually I was raised in a sports-loving family, and my mother had been an athlete, so it was natural for me to play sports from very early on. Also, it was natural for us to get fired up when playing sports. Oh, it doesnt mean I didnt study!


Oh, I see. You seem to like being physically active. By the way, doesnt lacrosse sound sophisticated? (lol)

S)  Well, my motive for joining the club was that kind of easiness, I thought it was something cool (lol). As soon as I started lacrosse, I became caught up not only in the sport itself, but also in the great company of a number of seniors. I still get along with the club members, with whom I spent good times and bad times, and the club had some seniors who became announcers, who gave me useful information and advice for my job hunting. Im satisfied with having joined that club, working out hard, and graduating from university.


Being such a sports lover seems to have been advantageous while you were in the broadcasting station.

S) You are right. Thanks to that I was taken for a sports-related segment, and a relay program of the games of Ventforet Kofu. Now its been eight years since I became freelance, meanwhile I married and gave birth. Im raising my child while being a student, hoping to step up my job little by little. Im aiming to study about the development of childrens ability and physical strength, longevity and health, and to be able to transmit it as an announcer. 


I understand. So you became a graduate student. How about your life as a graduate student?

S)  To be honest, before I entered the graduate school, I hadnt known I had to study this hard (lol). I thought I would just do some experiments related to my research, but there are classes too. However, I made friends with Ms. Takagi, thanks to that.

T) Yes, it was when we attended a class of common subject for the graduate students (^^). It was a small, discussion styled class, and we had something in common being around the same age, and being child-raising small children. So we clicked together.


I see. Ms.Takagi, what was your reason for entering this graduate school?

 T) I came to the graduate school at the University of Yamanashi to study outreach concerts. I myself give piano lessons at a university and a vocational school, although a part-timer, while working as a professional pianist. Im in the position to send players into the world, but there are many more musicians in the world than imagined. Musicians have been taught performing techniques, but rarely been taught how to utilize the technique. Even if the playing is wonderful, itll be wasted if there is no audience. Thats because I thought I need to study outreach concerts as a method of concert.


What is that outreach concert?

 T) An outreach concert is a concert to “reach out” to people, to be managed and entertained by the audience. More specifically, a delivery concert for those who cannot go out to a concert by themselves, such as seniors and physically or mentally disabled persons is a good example. They are also held at kindergartens and nurseries. They are an audience-oriented event, so the program and the proceedings must take their tastes or conditions into consideration.


I see. Classical concerts seem formal and uncomfortable for those who dont have much experience, but if the concerts are audience oriented, they would be interested.

T) That’s right. To present more opportunities for various people to listen to music will, at the same time, increase the opportunities for musicians to play music in front of audience. So, for the good of young performers as well, I wanted to learn more about the outreach concert. Im planning to hold a concert for my graduation thesis this November. Its a concert for children and parents to enjoy together. The title is The Concert to Reach the Hearts of Children and Adults! ~Songs and Music Picture Book Peter and the Wolf~. I asked Ms. Sagara to read out the picture book.


Wow! Not only the music but also the reading is authentic! If these two professionals will work together in it, I cant miss it!

T) Moreover, professional vocalists will participate in it. The charge for the infants of zero to two years old will be free if they sit on the knees of adults. Im very thrilled to think how small children will respond to the performance of professional vocalists, a pianist, and a reader.

I will present my masters thesis based on the questionnaire of this concert, and I wish to contribute to the future music world and society, and especially to the field of music education.


You know, it is a rare opportunity for children under the age of two to be brought to a classical concert.(^^) Well, the next time Im going to ask about the life of graduate students, the feeling just before the opening of a concert, etc!  Please wait!


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For inquiries for this concert, please email to: musica-familiare@outlook.jp  

                                          Phone:090-9859-7963 (Takagi)