49. “Outreach Concert for Parents and Children” was held!


November 3rd, Monday, was a national holiday, Culture Day. On this day, when the weather was fine, “The Concert to Reach the Hearts of Children and Adults! ~Songs and Music Picture Book “ Peter and the Wolf”~” was held. This concert was designed by a pianist Maiko Takagi who was introduced in No. 47 and 48 of this series.


The venue was “sonirum” in Suginami ward.

It’s a small concert hall located in the corner of a quiet residential area. 

At first glance, the white house didn’t look a concert hall, giving a mysterious impression, but inside the entrance was a fully equipped authentic concert hall.

As the concert was subheaded “The Concert to Reach the Hearts of Children and Adults!”, I saw many families there. Some children couldn’t wait for the opening and acted up and were warned by the parents repeatedly, which was endearing.


The program had two parts.

The first part: “Musical story Peter and the Wolf” performed by piano play and reading.

The second part: A duet of a vocalist and a pianist. The professional vocals may lift the audience.

When I was reading the program, there was an announcement which made me feel ready, and that was the voice of Ms. Yuko Sagara who would read on the stage!

It had started! Already!

Thus the concert opened by the MC of Ms. Sagara!

Her speech was truly professional and it caught up the hearts of mothers and children.








Then Ms. Maiko Takagi made an appearance.

I thought I heard the sound of children holding their breath.

On this day, our university’s professor Atsushi Sakoh (at Art and Culture Course, the Graduate School of Education) played duet with Ms. Takagi in “Peter and the Wolf” to back up the concert!

 On a screen set in “Peter and the Wolf”, characters were projected accompanied by a music signifying each character, and the story was proceeded by reading,

When the music was bright, children were pumped up, and when the melody was sad and grave, they turned totally quiet. Such an atmosphere in the hall was very impressive.








The second part was played by vocalists and a pianist.

They played various songs such as famous opera songs, school songs, and popular songs, and created a vibrant space! When the performance came to a climax, children joined the chorus and applause continued even after the concert was closed.

The “outreach concert” by the audience and for the audience is Ms. Takagi’s research subject, and I believe this one was very successful.

I’m very interested in how she will organize this in her graduation thesis.

I was very impressed by Ms. Takagi who continued playing effortlessly for more than an hour even though she had a break between two parts! Professionals work this way…!

I also admired Ms. Sagara who kept the enjoyable atmosphere of the concert!

I found that there are various specialists like them studying at the University of Yamanashi to brush up their skills, and it made me happy.

Ms. Takagi, Ms. Sagara, and all who joined this concert, you did a great job!

I had a wonderful day. Thank you very much!