50. To be a globally active researcher!


Do you remember her, everyone?


She is Hasti, who appeared in this series on April 10, 2013, with a title “We have a Rikejo (Science girl) from Indonesia!”


In the middle of October, 2014, the Support Office for Female Researchers was informed that she had started work at a university in Indonesia!


Yes, for one and a half year after our interview, she strenuously proceeded with her research, obtained doctoral degree, and successfully went home.


 Today, we’ll introduce how she worked out her thesis defense at the University of Yamanashi, and how she enjoyed the graduation day!


If you happened to forget about her, read from here^^


In early August, thesis defense for Hasti (and her peers) was held.

Final defense was what she called it.


You may not have opportunities to attend a thesis defense, but we got information from her so a staff member went there to observe it secretly♪

There are a number of people in audience…(I’m getting nervous.)

 The thesis defense at the Special Education Program of International River Basin Environmental Science, which she belonged to, was set up to have 40 minutes for presentation, 20 minutes for a question-and-answer session, and 30 minutes for a question-and-answer session exclusively by the presenter and the judges.


The language used was English. The Japanese students were also intensively listening to her presentation. Later I asked them about the understanding of English, and they said they understood what she had done and what was the result by charts and formulas, without a 100 % understanding of the language… Right, Professor Nakamura had said that too.

Hasti is bravely making presentation…she is going strong!
My heart beats faster!

A severe question has been given!
I feel like my heart is going to explode!

I was thrilled all the time during the defense but it was a pointless concern. Hasti successfully complete the defense and showed up in our office the next day, to inform her completion with a bright smile on her face. 

Then in late September, there held a graduation ceremony for the latter term. Of course Hasti was there, wearing hakama. On the day her mother and brother came from Indonesia to celebrate her.

Her mother challenged to wear kimono, and her brother formally wore his national dress.
They look happy together^^

Her smiling face is cute.


The number of students who graduate in Autumn for the latter term are not many, and each of them receives their degree directly from the president. Hasti too received it in a solemn manner.

(Photos of this time were posted on the university’s website.) 

After this ceremony, she attended the completion ceremony of the Special Education Program of International River Basin Environmental Science that she belonged. She received a congratulatory address surrounded by the teachers and friends who supported her.

Then the day came――when she was to leave Yamanashi.

Hasti visited our office to greet us and said “Thank you for a good time! I really loved here (Support Office for Female Researchers) !” (We couldn’t help crying.)

Since our first interview, she often utilized our office. Sometimes she brought her national dishes she cooked, confided her worries to us, or attended our luncheon meeting. As staff members we shared a lot of time with her.


She was such a nice person and now she has started to work as a researcher in her country.


We at this office are extremely happy!

The university job system in Indonesia is a little different from that of Japan (assistant professor/lecturer/associate professor/professor). Now she works in her university to instruct students and supervise projects. She is going to participate in the collaboration set up by her university with some institute in Japan. How reliable she is♪


All of us are cheering for you, hoping that Hasti will always be Hasti being radiant!

Congratulations on your graduation and employment! See you again, Hasti!