53. A Female Student of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences who Loves Kofu! She is a ConoHana Fan♪


In this edition, we spoke to M, a first year student of the Department of Local Produce and Food Sciences of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Science.

M is a very charming young lady who knew about the Female Researchers Support Office even before she entered our university! (That makes me so happy(v´∀`)ハ(´∀`v)ヤッタネ☆)

・Hello! So let’s get on with the interview. M, where are you from?

I’m from Aichi. But not Nagoya. People always assume I’m from Nagoya when I say Aichi so I’ll let you know in advance (lol).

・Oops. I was just about to ask if you were from Nagoya (yikes!). You don’t seem to have a dialect…don’t people from Aichi usually end their words with “mya-” or “rya-”?1-1s

Where I’m from, there really is no distinct dialect. People usually ask me if I say “Ebi-Furya-” for “Ebi-Furai” (Fried Shrimp) but you know what, I don’t (ノ_-;)ハア…) 。

・Oops. I was just about to ask the same thing about “Ebi-Furya-” (yikes!) I’m sorry to have asked you the cliché questions! So, what made you pursue your further education here at University of Yamanashi all the way from Aichi?

My choices for the courses of studies were either in the field of nutrition/food(science), or in the field of engineering/architecture. At the end, I sought out my options from my results of the National Center Test for University Admissions. I narrowed my options down to universities that I would surely be able to earn a passing score on the entrance exams and from there I began researching for specific courses of studies. That’s when I found out that there was a special course for wine science at the University of Yamanashi’s Department of Local Produce and Food Sciences of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences. I thought that here, I would be able to study courses concerning wine, in addition to nutrition and food(science).  I figured I would be able to gain more specialized knowledge here than at any other universities in the same 4 years of university education. It’s somewhat of a good bargain, isn’t it (lol)?

・I see. The idea that you could get a little something extra from the same department of studies is interesting. But, you were still in highschool back then. You could’ve have tasted wine at the time, right?

Of course not. But I always thought that people who had extensive knowledge of wine seemed cool. As a matter of fact, while I was looking into this university, I came across the homepage for the Female Researchers Support Office. Right at that time, an interview article with a student from the Enology and Viticulture Special course (wine science) was posted on the site and I was able to learn what the course specifically offered for its studies. That article became the decisive factor for my choice♪1-2s

Click here for the interview article →http://www.conohana.yamanashi.ac.jp/h24-h26/imadoki/763

・Really?! How delightful!! (tears of joy!) I can’t believe our interview article helped someone decide on her university! ヤッタ─ヽ(*´v`*)八(*´v`*)八(*´v`*)ノ─ァァ!!!

I casually clicked on the cute littler banner on the university’s homepage and that lead me to the homepage of the Female Researchers Support Office. The fact that this university supports active, radiant women and female researchers also gave me a favorable impression of the university (^^).  I looked into other university homepages but I couldn’t find any information concerning such activities.

・I see. To tell you the truth, most national universities implement initiatives concerning female researchers support. Sometimes, they have unique names for the support office that may be hard to recognize, or the banners on the homepages could be rather small and hard to find. Maybe that’s why you couldn’t find them. In any case, I’m glad that the Princess ConoHana Banner caught your eye♪ I’m so very happy (Staff of the support office can’t stop crying for joy…(*TーT)人(TーT*)) So, what are your thoughts after coming to Yamanashi?

The first time I came to Yamanashi was last year, for the entrance exams. It was on the day of that record breaking heavy snowfall. I was astonished because I didn’t think Yamanashi was an area of heavy snowfall. I think it was the university staff, but many of them were shoveling away the snow, trying very hard to clear the path for us. I was grateful for them, and that too left me with a good impression of this university.

・Your first time here in Kofu was during that snowfall?! That was a historic snow calamity in Yamanashi. The university staff didn’t want any examinees getting hurt from the heavy snowfall, so I’m sure they tried very hard to clear the snow, although most of them weren’t used to that kind of work. But hearing your story, I guess their effort was worth it. By the way, normally it doesn’t snow much here in Kofu.

Oh really? I’m glad to hear that♪ I grew up in the Noube Plains so at first, the uphill road from the Kofu station to the university was tough to walk (yikes)! But I hear Yamanashi is rare to have a city, a university campus, and the mountains and/or nature to be located in such a close range. There are huge trees within the campus, and a very “natural” atmosphere lingers within. It’s very nice. My highschool friends and teachers kept telling me that Yamanashi is a country with nothing to look forward to but once I 1-3sgot here I didn’t think it was so bad.

・Really? A lot of other students tell me that there’s nothing in Kofu or the areas around the university…

Well, actually, I was lucky♪ =^-^=フフッ♪

・M is convinced that Kofu is in fact NOT a city without any fun. What was she so “lucky” about? Please look forward to our next edition♪

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