55. A Vietnamese student doing research in cardiovascular field at Faculty of Medicine☆


This interview is with Mr. SI. in the two year of the Human Environment Medical Engineering. He is a student in the medical department campus.

Before, He had graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy – Ho Chi Minh city as a general physician.Next, He entered the resident doctor training course for the next 3 years in the same school, focusing on Internal Medicine- Cardiology. After that He became lecturer of Department of Internal Medicine,


Well, let’s get started


Why did you choose Yamanashi University? o(*^^*)o~

My university in which I worked in Vietnam has a sisiter relationship with Yamanashi University. I am very glad to be one of the first persons who came here for studying.


ChooseThat was good timingWhat did you think after enrollment?

Good  or  ? (〃゚д゚;A ・・・

After enrollment,my impression was that the university had very good conditions,such as sincere professors,modern equipment,friendly environment and etc.

And. Japan is a highly developed country which is very famous for education. I am very lucky to be here and not only study, I also have chance to learn more about Japan such as way of thinking, responsibility, discipline and many nice things else. May I call them as Japanese spirit? I truly respect this spirit.


You have an interest about Japan as well as a university.(*^-^*)happy

What subjects are you studying?(Are concrete)

Several months ago, I studied about dyslipidemia and got one paper published. Now I am doing research in cardiovascular field, especially inflammation and its effects in cardiovascular system

I was a clinical doctor so mainly I dealt with bedside works every day that means patients, diagnoses and medications. Many times, I would like to understand thoughtfully how illness can occur. So, studying here is my good chance to do detailed research about cardiovascular problems. It is very interesting to know the mechanisms of the diseases that I had treated and also will treat in the future.


I see ~☆彡You feel worth doing very much, right? ((o(^^)o))

・YesAlso, to study as a researcher will help me much in teaching my students when I return to my country. I believe I can motivate them a lot with everything that I experience here. Officially, I am a PhD student. I am very glad to receive the Special Scholarship from University of Yamanashi. I also get the position as Research Assistance.


I hear you sometimes come home late at night because you concentrate on doing experiments too much.; ̄ロ ̄)!?

Is a meal taken neatly?  Isn’t a stress felt?

You tell me how to have time a holiday and refreshment method of Mr. SI. next time.