2.Study, work and band music! Interview with an active campus mate.(Continued)


Continued from the previous edition,  here’s more about the interview with A, a first grader of the Master’s degree  at River Basin Environmental Science, Graduate School of Department of Education of Medicine and Engineering.
We heard more about her study and future dreams.
Real experiences (?) of university students was also revealed.

Q:It’s often said that university students don’t study much.  What is your thought about such comment??

A:I study a lot.  I do. (lol)
Not only myself but also a couple of my friends in the class all studied a lot.
We always sit together in the first row on the right hand side.
And we caught our professor after the class to ask questions from the lecture.
You know, most of engineer students are male.
But, or may be because of that, being minority, I didn’t want to get behind.

There is a group-study room in the library where we used to get together to study after class.
That way you make better progress than studying alone and you can teach each other.
Also you can find out a point you didn’t understand from others.

The group study room is bright
and spacious with many students.


We listed up items that we didn’t understand and asked again to our professor.
With professors’ comments, we understood better and it got even more interesting.

I would say that study at university is something you make happen by yourself.
It’s all up to you if you enjoy it or not.
I got the most out of it and enjoyed studying.

Q:So you enjoy doing research, don’t you?

A:Busy but yes.
It’s full of good stimulations.

For instance, we have study meet with other universities often.
I just got back this morning actually ^^ from one with University of Kyoto and University of Kobe.
It’s an intense program for two days and one night.  Most interesting part is to get to know what they research at other universities.  Interaction with students from other universities is also fun part.
Besides those meet, we attend academic conferences.  We had presentations this year in some of those conferences at University of Nagoya and Hirosaki.
Oh, we also travel to Okinawa sometimes to observe rain.

Q:I heard that your presentation got an award.

A:Yes, thanks ^^
I received an excellent-presentation award for the one I presented in a conference in last September.
I think that people from Nashi-dai overall have good presentation skills.
Compared to presentations from other universities I’ve seen, especially senior students from Nashi-dai delivers quite great presentations.

Q:What do you want to do in the future?

A:I have my “list of 100 items I Want to Do” kept updated on a website named Evernote.
It’s open to my friends and always looking for people who wants to join me, and we actually do things together.
Talking about travelling, for instance, I’ve been to visit Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and a dam in Oita prefecture with some friends.
And ‘pie-tossing’ was fun.
I always wanted to try it (lol)
and we did it finally ^^

With friends of the-same-month birthdays ^^
It’s one of the best memories.
I want to get things in my  “list of 100 items I Want to Do” done one by one with peers.

Q:What is your dream?

A:My dream job is to be a consultant or public officer in the disaster prevention field.
I want to put things I learned here into practice.
I will do my best !


We can see that both her study and personal life are fruitful.
I received power and beauty from such an active woman
from her talk with a friendly smile and atmosphere.
Thank you, A, for your cooperation in the interview!

For the next edition, we will interview two ladies from
Department of Ecosocial System Engineering, Fuculty of Engineering.
Stay tuned!