56.The student doing research in cardiovascular field, studying from Vietnam by a medical school . (Continued)


This interview is again with Mr. SI. In the two year of the Human Environment Medical Engineering. He is a student in the medical department campus.

You sound to be so busy working and doing researches, how do you relax and refresh (д‘)

Actually, I don’t think I am too busy here. Sometimes I have quite much work then listening to music or studying foreign language like Japanese can really help.

AndPhotography is one of my hobbies. I have bought a DSLR camera for this purpose. It is a good one but I need to improve my technique to get nice pictures. Perhaps, it is more difficult than performing the experiments (lol)… I must try more because beautiful scenery in Yamanashi and other areas of Japan are waiting for me.


He has wonderful abilities

 His photo!!






 Ooh! Did you enjoy skiing??


  And,The most important is my Japanese friends. I am very lucky to know these families – Nakajima, Morisawa, Ando and many more. About twice a month, they invite me to join some interesting activities. Sometimes I go with them for sight-seeing in quite far places. Perhaps I am the rare one who could pay a visit to almost every famous place of interest around Mount Fuji just within the first year here. Having a talk with them and playing with their children are my upmost favorite.  

 You have participated in the homestay program planned by International Student Center and Office of International Exchange, and have stayed with a Japanese family, haven’t you?(http://www.isc.yamanashi.ac.jp/)

Yes.They are family I met there. Japanese home was very special. They were very friendly and took very good care of homestay students. I did not find any distance from them, just like living in my family.I always recommend other Vietnamese students to take part in this program. It is such a very good chance for us to have a true Japanese life.


And even after that, you often go out with them and their relatives, having a wonderful time. (*^-)

Whats your future dream??

The course takes 3 years to complete. Then, I guess I will return to my Department in Vietnam as a lecturer and of course get married and have a happy family. Also, I really wish I can teach my students well with everything that I am studying now.

 (*´v*)Mr. SI is very friendly and always meets people with a nice smile, so it is certain that he’ll be a good lecturer and have a wonderful family.

So finally, would you give an advice to the students who will come to this university?

To students who will come here in the future, University of Yamanashi is a good place for you to study. This school can surely provide you with enough conditions in order to get excellent results. All to do are great effort and hard-working. Please take your time here especially by means of making friend with local people so that you can fully enjoy your lives.

Mr. SI is very faithful and polite, so I’d like to describe him as a man of honesty. I’m now sure that he’ll be a great doctor by seeing his attitude toward the interview. He always smiled at me and answered each question very politely during it

He stays with the host family on their birthdays or New Year holidays. He also takes part in the sports day held for children of the family with his DSLR. Now he must be a member of that Japanese family and live in a real Japanese culture. I hope he can do well in his study, have a good time with the host family, and enjoy himself while he is here.

Thank you very much, Mr. SI-kun!!