3.Met with two girls who are best friends! What do they like about Nashi-dai?


We interviewed two junior-year ladies from Department of Ecosocial System Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
S has a calm atmosphere and T is a bit shy and girly.

They met after entering University of Yamanashi

but actually they seem so close to each other as if it’s been long years since they became friends.
They looked each other in the face after every question and answered together.
Two of them were both a little bit shy and we liked their reserved but cute smiles.

The department of Ecosocial System Engineering doesn’t accept freshmen any more unfortunately
but let’s check out about their campus life and favorite points of the university.

QWhat brought you to University of Yamanashi?

A:(S)  I had admission upon recommendation.
I do love Yamanashi.
So, I wanted to stay in Yamanash in the first place. And recommendation from my high school teacher bucked up my taking entrance exam to here.
Because of that recommendation system, I was accepted by only an interview ^^

(T) Same for me, I also had a recommendation.
In high school, I was in a course that covers both humanities and science.  It was difficult to choose only one.
I couldn’t pick one nor abandon the other. (lol)
In that sense, this department curriculum covers science oriented lectures that discuss relation between air and water, and also other lectures which sophisticate statistics/IT skills.
You can study both humanities and science.  That was the point I chose to come here.
It seemed the best solution for me as I couldn’t choose between humanities and science.
Another reason is the same as my friend, entrance exam requirement ^^








T was a bit shy and had a reserved
but super cute smile.


QWhat made you to choose the field of science in the first place?

A:(S) I was not good at humanities related subjects, and especially bad at memorizing.
When memorizing world history, you have lots of Katakana words and totally different persons called by the same name with first, third, whatever.  All those looked the same to me and I had very hard time to organize and memorize everything.
But when it comes to studying math, you just have to master some formulas and can apply them to all questions.
The point I liked was that you can reach an exclusive right answer always.

QDid anything new in your campus life make you feel awkward ? 

A:(T) Well, let me see… There were many but maybe first class registration was most confusing.
Once you are in university, you have to choose which class to take by yourself and register it also at your own responsibility.
It’s different from high school where you automatically follow an assigned timetable.
So I didn’t get the system that you have to ‘register’ something.
I was very worried if my registration was correctly done and what if it’s not.

(S) Ah, I felt exactly the same way.
We relied on senior students for more lecture details and other secret information (lol) which helped us to pull together a time table.
Even once registered, you can change it for the certain time period at the beginning of a semester.
That system made us feel easy.
By the way, there is an automated-system bathroom in the engineering faculty area.
It was a big hit ^^
It looks so clean and tidy.








 ← This is the bathroom she is talking about♪


A good bathroom environment is very important for women.


QWhat is your favorite spot on campus?

 A:(S)  Hmmm… maybe the LAWSON store in the engineering faculty area.
There is a break area on the second floor there.
I always go there for lunch break and relaxing.



At this season of the year, I fall asleep there in the warm sunlight.
I sometimes almost sleep over and run to class!


(T) I love the spot, too.
The store building is much closer to the engineering faculty area.  So we go there more often than the main school cafeteria.
If it’s good weather, we also go to the terrace area.








QWhat do you want to do in the future?

(S) Well, being in junior year, it’s about time to start job recruiting seriously.
I already have a couple of ideas but not really put it into any action plans.

Once I finish job hunting, I want to travel definitely!
Travel is the first item in the list since it’s often said that you can take time for travels as long as you want only when you are student.








 S is quiet,
cute and smiley.



  QLastly, please give some messages to high school students expecting college entrance exams soon.

(S) Well, I’m not to give any good advice because I didn’t go through the ordinary entrance exams.
But I believe the University of Yamanashi is a good place to come in spite of the steep slope to climb a mountain.
Best wishes to your success.

(T) The same to me that I didn’t take the full entrance exams
but I also wish all the best for all who are studying to join us soon.