1.Study, work and band music! Interview with an active campus mate.


This is specially dedicated for high school students who are facing university entrance exams!
We pick up voices from active students about their campus life at University of Yamanashi and pass on their support messages to high school student readers.
You are almost there!
We wish that you will successfully survive the last hard-working days
and looking forward to meeting you at the Nashi-dai campus.

First interview was with A,
Master’s degree first grader of River Basin Environmental Science, Graduate School of Department of Education of Medicine and Engineering.
She belongs to a popular music club and loves rock music.  No wonder engineer boots suit her well.
The more she talked about herself, the more we were attracted to her.
Now let’s see her campus life!

Q:You belong to a Popular Music Club.  How do you like it?

A: I started band music in high school and wanted to continue at university.  That is why I joined this music club.  I’m totally into it.
I have very good friends in the club and stay with them all the time.

We performed at the school festival.
We had a well-done party after that which was really exciting, too.  I really enjoy chatting with them.
Some of us have cars so we go for a drive or travel often.

We have been to Kiyosato and Lake Kawaguchi in Yamanashi, also to other prefectures like Nagano and Shizuoka.
We mostly visit parents’ places of our band members.  It’s lots of fun.

Q:You also work part time, don’t you?

A:Yes, I do.
I work at a near by convenience store three or four times a week for some pocket money.

Q:What do you spend it for?

A:All goes to clothing and accessories.
I used to wear a uniform until high school but not anymore at college as you know.
Many students are from outside Yamanashi here.  Look at their fashionable outfits!

Q:Accessories you are wearing are very charming and eye-catching. Where do you go to shop?

A:I go to Shinjuku most of the time.
It is Full of attractive goods and I could stay there forever.
Shopping for something cute lifts my feelings up every time.

Q:How about that cute watch?  It must be one of those motivating items you found.

A:Exactly.  I just bought it.
You like it??^^ People’s comments like that make me feel so happy.

Q:We want to learn more from your fashion but now, can I ask what you study?

A:In short, my study is about how to prevent landslide disasters.
Nashi-dai has  X-band dual-polarization Doppler weather radar.
It is the only one in Yamanashi Prefecture.  Isn’t that cool? ^^

The radar detects various droplet sizes and shapes to calculate variance.  The data help to forecast more accurate rainfall level. After rainfall observation, we analyze rainstorms such as structure and generation.
That is part of the process to plan disaster prevention or mitigation.

That gives us necessary and very helpful information.  It is deep and interesting research for me.

Q:What made you to choose the field of science in the first place?

A:It was at my high school that we had a professor from the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering of this university for a ‘class-delivery’ project.
I attended that class every weekend at my high school.
I loved that course and naturally made me feel that I wanted to study more.
It was a surprise to know that you can learn weather in civil engineering.
So I already knew in the 10th grade what I wanted to do after high school.

Q:Then that sounds like you are now proceeding the way exactly you wanted.

A:Exactly.  In that sense, I’m excited with everything every day.
That ‘class-delivery’ led me to enter the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, to study civil engineering and also weather, then that broadenen my vision to the study of land slide disaster.
I’m actually busy with the master’s program research but also very interested in it.  I enjoyed classes in under grad years, too, but honestly speaking, first grade was a bit more like high school as we did intense basics of physics, biology, English and Math.
I realized the importance of what I did in high school.  That was such hard work.
But it became more and more interesting later with more technical lectures in the second year and more lab sessions in the third year.
You have to live with learning the basics during the first year for later.

Now it’s all for this edition and to be continued!
Our talk went on over her study, and real experiences (!?) of university students and future dreams.

Stay tuned!