4.What a stylish humanity major girl sees ahead!


For this edition, we interviewed with Ms.M, first grade of Advanced Studies on Transforming Education Practice of Master of Education’s Course. University of Yamanash

She is tall and in a good shape, moreover, she has an elegant atmosphere.
When she showed up to our room, the first impression was like a fashion model in a famous magazine selected among its subscribers.
I’m also female but felt so excited. (lol)

Her tone of talking and words have a sense of diligence.
I’m curious to hear from such charming lady about her Nashi-dai life!


Q:I heard that your schedule is very tight.
Thank you for your time with us.

A:Oh, no problem, thank you.
It’s just that I have more lectures and teaching practices these days.  I wish I could take more time for the interview.
I was looking forward to this opportunity.
Thank you for your time, too.

Q:I like your outfit very much.  What is your favorite point of coordination?
 (It’s also my taste! >▽<)

A:Recently I often find myself choosing polka-dots all the time.
And many of them are pink ^^

Let me show you…

Like this one…



It’s a pencase.
And look at a sticky note in here…


Of course


It’s pink and polka-dot. (lol)


My smart phone and smartphone pierce are also pink.

Look at this^^

I love this smartphone pierce, which was a gift from a friend of mine♪

Q:You have graduated from the Faculty of Human Science and studying to become a teacher.
Why education?

A:My major was social science education (Reorganized and currently called ‘Life and Society Education Course’).
Social science, especially Japanese history, had been my favorite subject.
So I chose the major to study more.

Becoming a teacher was not my point at the beginning.
My motivation at the beginning was just to deepen the knowledge of the subject I loved
but teaching practice experience taught me the profundity of ‘teaching’.

Teaching became more and more interesting for me later and now I find myself to hope to become a teacher.

 Q:Social studies reminds me of all the item I had to memorize to get prepared for exams.quite unexciting…^^;
 (Excuse me for speaking so honestly!  It’s just that I was personally bad at memorizing…)

A:No worries, I understand and truly agree ^^


Do you know the beginning of ‘Bushi’ for instance? (I , interviewer, have no idea of course.  Hmmm…(phew))
In Heian and Kamakura era, people started to own certain parts of land as their private property.
One of theories has it that a group of people who tried to protect the land by arm force became Bushi.
Another is that there were number of people with various artistic skills in the noble families.  Those people with excellent ‘martial’ art became Bushi and that is why the Kanji character of ‘bu’ as Bushi means martial.
(Didn’t know that at all!  Interesting!)

This kind of analysis on every point brings up lots of interesting discoveries.  That is how I got attracted to history.
I mean,
social science is not what you memorize for exams.  What you really need to do is to ‘analyze and understand’.


Interviewer always had an idea that you had to ‘memorize’ all.
Ms. M’s saying that ‘analysis and understanding’ was eye-opening
and I was totally into her talk.↓

So cool, M !!

To be continued for more details of her lectures and teaching practices.
Stay tuned!