5.What a stylish humanity major girl sees ahead! (continued)


The interview is continued with Ms.M who is 1st grade of Advanced Studies on Transforming Education Practice of Master of Education’s Course. University of Yamanash
She is so cool that she said social science is not what you memorize for exams, it is what to ‘analyze and understand’.

Let’s take a look at her studies in this edition!

Q:Advances Studies on Transforming Education Practice was newly organized in 2010.What do you study there?

A:Each student picks up his/her own topic and do research.
My theme is “Social Science Coursework to Develop Children’s Ability to Think”. 
I teach at one of public junior high schools once a week as part of teaching practice
and build up my research based on knowledge and experience I gain there.

I planned and delivered a class by myself the other day.
One of the students commented that he liked my lecture the best ever.
That made me feel super happy.

It was not perfect technically so my professor gave me some advice for improvement and I myself found out some challenges still left.
In spite of that, that student’s comment came down to my heart and that gave great energy for me to improve my job.

Q:There are many other to-be-a-teacher students who choose universities outside of Yamanashi.

A: There are, but if I were going to choose a university as high school student once again, I would nominate the University of Yamanshi.
Because after actually entering and starting my study here, I became to feel very thankful as I realized various good environments.

One of the examples is that we have some experienced teachers among classmates.
They used to teach full time but now taking a time off from that for a while to study here.

Such proactiveness and attitude gives me a good impact.
On top of that, studying with such classmates is an opportunity to hear about their own experienced and points of view gained by hands-on.
Those ‘real voices’ are quite educational for me.
When I was still in under grad, my senior peers at that time said that I should stay here for the grad school
because it has rich teaching practice programs and other excellent environment.
Now I realize what they meant

Q:How does grad school different from undergrad?

A: It’s totally different.
For instance, you gain knowledge in undergraduate curriculum and learn deeper expertise in graduate program
such as the whole concept of schools, child psychology and counseling.

My personal feelings or attitude are also different now.
I was more ‘passive’ during under graduate
but changed and more ‘active’ in the graduate school.

I experienced a big change within myself as well.

Q:How was relationship with friends?

 A: I was gifted with many good friends.
80% was male students in my course.
So not so many girls, but that’s why we could build up a tight friendship.
We could go further all together.

Having been playing the trombone since junior high, I joined a wind orchestra of Nashi-dai.
It was intense and I practiced 5 days a week.
But thanks to my classmates, I could still handle all lectures and keep myself more and more motivated.
I really mean that I’m thankful to my friends.

Also, I had good senior peers.
Unlike high school, there are relationships across grades at university.
They held a welcome party for us, took us out to eat together and so on.
We relax and enjoy those times together.
But all those senior students are studying hard as well.

The way they efficiently compartmentalize their time taught me a lot.
I always had fruitful time in study and study break.


Q:You are totally up there for both study and personal life, M.  What is your dream or goal in the future?

 A:My goal is to pass the exam to become a teacher.
I keep motivating myself until the exam.

I want more and more students to realize that social science is not all about memorizing but it means more in depth and exciting studies.
My dream it to create a class to make students feel the same way.

She is so shining with hope and expectation for the future,
and it made me never stop thinking of her promising future.

Keep going on!

we will have a next edition with….. a Nashi-dai BOY??

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