6.Please welcom the first male student for this blog! What is his favorite?


This interview is with Mr. M from the 2nd year of the International Special Doctoral Course for Integrated River Basin Management.
The interview was full of laughter thanks to his witty jokes in spite of his rather quiet looks.He is both good looking and with a favorable personality, especially his stable and solid attitude to deepen each topic.
Please enjoy our first interview with a male student in the university! Let’s ask how he likes his campus life.



Q: The first question is… what type of girls do you like? ( what a blunt question.

 A: Let’s see…(←Wow, you’ll let us know?! >▽<) I’m attracted to discrepancies.
For instance, a girl who is usually smiley and bright, one day looks sad and lowers her eyes.  I can’t help guessing what happened to her. If she looks unnaturally active, on the other hand, I think she must be pretending and that makes me want to take care of her.
Such discrepancies make me feel that I’m the one who should protect her.


Q: Don’t you think that’s just a performance and she knows how you would react?  (I’m sure she does (lol) ) 

A:  Really?!
Hmmm…but guys are not that naïve. We can tell if it’s real or just a performance. When it seems to be a performance, I ignore it (lol)




Q: So you are not one of so called herbivore men, are you?  

A: I’m not.  I am forth right. But I’m a serious guy.  I don’t flirt. It’s not only figure or not only personality either,I take everything into consideration.
When meeting someone for the first time, I start with a self-introduction to show respect (lol)


Q: I’m curious to see what a science major guy has in his bag.  Can you show us? 

A: Yes.  There’s nothing interesting, though.


 But he took something out with a smile… 

 Is this… Nagashima!?

 See, this is it.

 Books, TOEIC workbook (900 score level!!), Gacha-gacha Capsel (empty for some reason), Note pad with a design of ESPer Mami (You are not that caracter’s generation!), Pens (without a pencase), Glasses (fake), and Nagashima (we talk about it later!) …  It’s full of interesting stuff. 


Q: What is your hobby? Science related?

A: I cook sometimes and I like driving. Within Yamanashi, for instance, I like to drive to Shosenkyo andLakeKawaguchiand take a hike there.
I fly a kite and play football atDragonPark. I travel alone by car. With my friends, I have motor-bike taken toTenriCityinNaraPrefectureand Ise Shrine inMiePrefecture.
I take pictures of Nagashima at my travel destinations and make online albums. Ah, it looks like Nagashima is travelling

 Besides that, my hobby is research. I entered the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and currently doing a Ph.D.  My major is water disaster. Studying itself is interesting, and I’m always looking for good software for my study, too.



This is all for this editon.
We will ask his hobby “research” in next edition. Stay tuned!