9.Man should have energy to take action! Yes, He has! !(continued)


The interview with Mr.K is continued.
What is his favorite??

Q:  You truly a man of action and independence!
 I heard that you joined an overseas training alone,, didn’t you?

 A: Yes, I did.

Overseas dispatch is part of the program and I utilized a summer vacation period.  I couldn’t think of any other choice than going as it seemed to be an excellent opportunity and I had a long vacation.
You had to do all the arrangement by yourself though. ^^

My professor referred me to the University Sains Malaysia (USM), and to my surprise, directly to the principal of the university.
After that I started email communication by myself.  I sent a request of the training, planned itinerary, booked a guest house and did all other arrangements.

And I had to do that all in English.

I’m not good at English at all(weep)
(Oh, are you?! w( ̄o ̄)w)

Besides, I had never travel alone, before.
 (Oh, really??w( ̄▽ ̄;)w)

On top of that, it was my first time to go abroad.
(Oh my, is that true??!! (=◇=;))


 It was your first time to travel alone and first time to go abroad.
I was soooooooo nervous.


 Q: You must have had a hard time to communicate in English.

 A: Yes it was difficult.

I asked my professor to check my email every time I wrote back.
Also, I took English conversation lessons to prepare myself as best I could.


Q:  Your first time to go abroad was for training.  Did you have any trouble?
How did you like it?


A: In short, it was a really fruitful time. 

I got a chance to introduce this program at USM.
There was an assignment ceremony for a new professor during my stay.  I was kindly invited there and met many people.


one of companies headquartered in Yamanashi had a factory there and I requested a tour.
I was able to visit the factory.

We have an impression that Malaysia is still a developing country.But the factory I saw was different from that typical impression, it was very well equipped.

Everything was in English and that alone was already very difficult for me. (lol)
But it was really a valuable and unique experience.I’m very glad that I was able to go.


Q: It’s not easy to “start something”.And it is really cool that you have actually got something done!
What kind of job do you want to do in the future?

 A:  I’m thinking about a field of machinery in my major, and that would include opportunities at small or middle sized companies in Yamanashi prefecture.

Through the program, I got to interact with members of the Yamanashi Machine and Electronic Industries Association.
Opportunities to meet with various companies and their employees made me realize that Yamanashi is full of excellent companies. 

But those small or middle sized companies usually do not advertise widely and there are few chances for students to learn about them.That means there is a potential need for such opportunity.



Then,why not do it by ourselves? (lol)
We held a round table for students to interact with leading team members of the Yamanashi Machine and Electronic Industries Association.
It was really nice talking with them.

I learned that the key to being successful is
to know what you want to do, what you cannot compromise on and then to stick to your policies.
Also, I learned the importance of having such “confidence” in yourself.


I have learned a lot from this program.
The biggest things were the power and skills to communicate and think.
These are things I can use in the future.


Q:  That’s amazing.  Now let’s find out about your personal life.
What is your favorite thing to do?

 A:  I love Disney (((((((((ヘ( ̄ω ̄|||)

I just went to the 3D movie, Monsters, Inc.
 (I love the movie, too! ← Though you are not asking me.)
I also went to DisneyLand. 

Disney is enjoyable no matter how many times you go.


Mr.K is a man who is really independent and reliable,
also, LOVEs Disney.

I got a impression that he is going to be a person who can lead Yamashi industry after having interview with him.

 Thank you for your time,
and come over our office sometime!