11.We have a Rikejo(Science girl) from Indonesia!(continued)



 We introduced a Rike-jo, Hasty, who loves to take pictures last time.
Let me ask her about her study and even her private things this time, and you will see a surprise at very end.

Well,,, shall we start??


QWhat do you study? 

A: I came to the University of Yamanashi in 2011 and belong to the International Research Center for River Basin Environment (ICRE).  My theme is regional environment and weather.

I study about my home country,Indonesia.
The population ofJakarta, the capital, has recently increased and its temperature is also rising in parallel.
I am searching the causal connection of the changes. 

I have done field work twice so far and am planning another trip later this year.
I take weather readings by myself and visit related agencies there to track changes in the population.
Then I come back toJapanand compile and analyze the data.

 When I have data that I don’t understand or an element that is not convincing to me, my professor answers to my questions by giving hints.
When I find a clue beyond that hint, that is the moment that I get interested in my study the most!


QWhy did you choose to study science? 

A: Indonesiais still behind other countries in terms of women’s participation in society.
I wanted to go out to work in the society and also hope to gain a certain position of prominence there.  That is why I decided to study science.

I wanted to be recognized properly as scientist.

My parents also supported me in my decision,so I didn’t hesitate to come to Japan to study. 

And it’s interesting to study.
It’s interesting to learn a lot.
It’s also interesting even when I get confused to learn about and discover new things.


Q Have you ever thought about having your own family? 

A: Yeah, I’m married.
(Are you????? ΣΣ( ̄◇ ̄;) ! Really!?)

 You didn’t know?  I got married before I came toJapan. It’s about two years ago now.
You look surprised.^^
(Yes, I am surprised.)

 Actually my husband is also studying in a foreign country.
His major is economics.  Each of us is doing whatever we like to do. (lol)
But as long as we respect and trust each other, there is no problem even though living far away. 

We like to see each other living freely and we motivate each other in that way.


Q Study and marriage are perfectly balanced in your life.
Do you have any advice to other students? 

A:  It seems that having more patience is helpful.
Academic challenges are difficult but patience and consistency are very important. 
don’t wait too long to start to think about your future while taking both your own personality and the environment into consideration. 

I wish you all the best.


We thought she would be single because she is too cute to be a wife.
She works hard as not only a researcher but also a wife.

That is so cool!
Thank you, Hasty!

Well,,, this is all for this edition.
Stay tuned for next time!!