12.Science-guy who has strong nerves has much interest in many fields,NOT only study!


The interviewee for this edition is an undergraduate -3rd year-student, Mr.K.
He is very polite and has big smile. His nice atmosphere seems to make himself really accessible. As much as we talk, we find things which surprise us more and more.
He works on various fields in private, not only study, and it makes us feel like doing them. I could say that is his charm.
He is also a smart student who belongs to the local industry leadership-training education program of the special education plan, which has been a part of theUniversityofYamanashi’s initiative enitled the Highly-Skilled-Engineer-with-Comprehensive-Ability Training project since FY2009, just like Mr.K on the previous edition. He actually tried to make contact with “Mr.Big”.

Let’s start interview!


Q: A question liberal arts parson, I, has is…Why science?


A:In short, all activities and phenomena in daily life can be explained from a point of scientific theory.

 I was attracted by science when I was in Junior high school.
At that time, I was thinking vaguely about how a ball you through flies, and I got an idea that all things such as “To through something” or “To make something by mixing materials” can be explained with scientific eyes. So I chose physics without any doubts in high school.


Q:You major in Chemistry, right?


A: Yes, I will be a 4th year- student (This interview was carried out on Jan.13.2013) and belong to Crystal Science and Technology. Science can create something new and also enrich our life.
It is true that pollution might be caused by desires for convenience but I believe that there should be environment-friendly science which even can make our life much more convenient and rich. I have chosen this major to deepen my knowledge in scientific field.


Q: How was the entrance exam for the local industry leadership-training education program?


A: I got to know about this program by my teacher in High. I was excited by various “opportunities for study” that can be given in this program. For exam, you have to make a short essay and have interview as well. I worked hard on the preparation for test. I also make sure the definition of every scientific vocabulary. I believe that the theme of short essay was “The progress and prospects for Nobel laureate in chemistry”. I guess I did well.


Q:What lecture do you focus more energy on? 

A:I work on English very hard to improve my English skill. I take Oral Communication lecture and the final exam in this lecture is discussion. The theme, last time, was atomic power and plastic surgery.
I have realized that I need practical lesson, thus I have to speak out of mouth.
English conversation lesson is programed in our curriculum, and we all in this program take it every week. We make the lesson schedule by ourselves. I could say everything is up to us. This circumstance gets us up and motivates us.



(That day was Valentine eve. This is a small present from us.)


Q:What is the good point of this program? 

A: The best thing is many chances you can grow up are given.
For example, you have an opportunity you can meet and talk with a top of company. Many students tend to take their eyes to the companies when they start job hunting, but we have a chance to contact with them. Can you believe we can talk with a top of company? Even while job hunting, you hardly have a chance of it. 

It could be a spice for us and lead us to project their philosophy to ourselves for ideal future.


Q:Is it true that you coordinate seminar? How is it?  

A: Actually, I offered Mr.Song, president of Soft Bank, for the seminar. He has a strong policy as a leader and is good at making strategy. Also, he can take action as he plans.I really wanted him to come.

(You wanted?) 

We got a reply and he declined politely.
But he kindly gave me a reply (it was from his secretary, of course.), it actually moved me.