13.Science-guy who has strong nerves has much interest in many fields,NOT only study!(continued)


The interview with Mr. T still continues.
Let’s ask about his private life outside campus.  Also I can’t forget to ask about the Science Intercollege for which he finally got a ticket to join♪


Q: I heard that you are going to participate in a camp.  What kind of camp is that? 

A: I help a camp program for elementary school students which is held at a temple in Shizuoka. I’d been to the temple often since I was in the 4th grade.
I visit there every summer now and stay for about a month as an assistant staff member and instructor for children.


 I spend time with children teaching and showing them basic life knowledge and skills including official chopstick manners and basic house cleaning such as weeding the garden and wiping floors. I get up at 5 o’clock in the morning and go through a series of daily morning routine, chanting a Buddhist sutra, seated meditation, Radio-exercise, cleaning, breakfast and other Buddhist housekeeping.


Q: What is your main interest these days? 

A: I will participate in the Science Intercollege on March 2nd and 3rd. (This interview was on February 13.)(It’s finally his turn to participate in the Science Intercollege!)


Some elder students of this university presented last year and I went to see the event. I was totally inspired by excellent works of top-level students all over Japan. I was dreaming of my turn since then!
My presentation is on the applied effect of peltier element. The theme is clean energy generation. (P, P, P….peltier element??  Sounds difficult (weep))
(As Mr. K mentioned before in his interview,) it’s doing the other way round.
Two different kinds of metal are put together. Once electricity flows on a junction section, heat transfers from one side to the other. Direct-current electricity makes one surface absorb heat and the other side produces heat. The difference in temperatures generates voltage.
So let’s try to do the other way round. We should be able to generate power from difference in temperature. That is the main idea.

I want to create a new material to create clean energy! Semi-conductors melt at 132℃.  That means it can melt under sunlight. Then how about oxide?  Oxide is more tolerable.  That is the theme I am chasing! And that brought me to the Center for Crystal Science and Technology. (Oh! I see!)

 My professor and I had many meetings and discussions. I did additional experiments and am practicing presentation performance. How you present it makes a huge difference. I still need to develop details here and there.



(Here are some photos from T taken at the event.  He commented that it was a good opportunity to get stimulated and to interact with students from other universities.  Good job, T!)


Q: Is there anything else that you want to do? 

A: I want to go to Germany, both for studying and for having fun ^^ Hopefully during this spring vacation, I wish to stay there for about a week and visit universities and museums. I want to participate in as many academic conferences as possible. Most of all, I really want to continue my research activity. I want to keep going on my study until I feel that all I can do is done.


A month after the interview, he contacted me saying “I just got back from Germany.”.
It was only a month ago that he said he wished that he could go. I was totally surprised by his quick action of planning the trip and actually flying during this short time period.
Such fancy footwork is his inherit talent and I believe that it’s even improved much more through the local industry leadership-training education program.  I wish that he will stay active and enjoy both his research and private life!