14.Back stage of the “Work-Life Balance Study” course !


The course titled “Work-Life Balance Study” started from this fiscal year and it is open to students of all faculties.

External lecturers are invited for this course and guide participants to deepen their thoughts in work-life balance. But it’s not just listening to lectures.  Requirements of this course also include planning a lecture by participants themselves!  They discuss their interests and thoughts in a group, decide a theme and a project plan of the assigned lecture slot.  Then based on the plan, they contact and negotiate with a lecturer by themselves and organized the whole event of the day.



It seems to be a lot of work but all the process is designed for students aiming at developing their skills and abilities of communication, negotiation and coordination by working in a team  p(*`・ω・´*)q Yes! 

Present course members are in the midst of preparing details of a coming lecture and the Support Office is the venue of their meetings. 
Sometimes looking a bit tired (lol) just joking^^  They are working hard feeling enjoyment of going through the process…   It is my favorable moment these days to see their pure and fresh energy of youth.


I will release a report of this original lecture once it’s finished! ( ・Θ・)ゞ See you soon.