16.Are you a model?? What does a beautiful Rike-jo study??(continued)


 I wonder what kind of differences we have between Japan and Ukraine…


Q: Did you see any big differences on the result?

A: As you know, Japanese government has significantly emphasized the science education during last few years, but in 2010 the instructional time for science in Japan was 1/3 compared with it in Ukraine. This difference can be explained by the “culture of education” in our countries. While in Ukraine, school education is focused exclusively on science and mathematics, in Japan it gives more knowledge in social sciences. Nevertheless, Japanese students always have top scores in various science tests.

However, there is a question: are boys and girls in Japan and abroad equally interested in all science fields or not? I had an interesting observation in one of the schools of Yamanashi prefecture where I and other foreign researchers were invited. We had a presentation and small experiments in environmental science there, but all of participants were girls! No boys… It was kind of curious. Aren’t boys interested in the thing named “Environment”? lol


Q: Do you have a plan to carry out your research in other countries?

A: I am going to Malaysia and will stay for 11days for my research this weekend. I will have a questionnaire research in a school there. My supervisor and I negotiated with 2 schools, of course, explaining our study and research methods, etc.

I want to study international tendencies in life and environmental science education (if such exist). Obviously, there is no “ideal education” or a recipe for all, and the best way of education varies by country, but may be my research might be useful.


Q: By the way, did you have any difficulties after you came here? (Here is quite countryside, so…)

 A: My home town is the 2nd biggest city in Ukraine, but I like Yamanashi because we can see beautiful scenery. My husband’s family has a farm and I manage it now. We harvested plum the other day.

 It was surely tough to master Japanese, but I liked to try it for smooth communication. (She is really good at Japanese now!) So, I don’t think I had difficulties in Yamanashi. Just one thing… I do not like tofu, though…^^;


Q: What is your plan in the future?

A: I would like to continue my study even after graduation. I want to be a university teacher or a researcher in education. This is my ultimate goal, but let’s see how it goes. May be, I will be happier living on a boat floating in a warm sea and not teaching any students. For the students this option might be better too. lol


Q: Could you give advice to junior and high school students, please?

A: You can achieve whatever you want to. Go ahead! Just… with responsibility… OK?^^