18.What discoveries did you have during the first three months on campus?(continued)


The interview with Ms.A in the first grade of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering.  is continued.



Q:  Aren’t you going to help a summer event for junior high and high school students during this summer vacation? 

A:  Yes, there is an event called “the Summer School 2013 for Junior High & High School Girls.”  I will be there as a teaching assistant. It’s an exchange camp for 2 nights and 3 days for junior high and high school girls to interact with science researchers, technologists, undergrad and graduate students and experience how fascinating various science fields are.  I was a participant when I was in the 10th grade.

I remember a lot from that year.  We made a device to measure refraction of light, did anatomy and other experiments, and communicated with high school students in Korea over the Internet.  I enjoyed a panel discussion session by people from companies and university teams.  All those experiences gave me a clearer image of studying science.

 Also, I got to know a real fact during the camp.  I was mistaken that cosmetic companies had nothing to do with science and it’s all about advertising, from what I could tell from ads on TV.  What a simple misunderstanding it was ^^  I didn’t realize that they also had an “R&D” section until then.  I learned that science exists everywhere.
I’m going to go back there as a teaching assistant this time because I want to tell them about the attractive world of science. I can’t wait.



Q: In the campus, don’t you see many girls wearing training outfit?? 

A:  I wear a training outfit all day from home when I have a gym class (lol)
My home is a walking distance from campus.  It’s not a central city area and there is no problem walking around in sportswear ^^ It may not be possible in a university in central Tokyo but no worries here on this campus! That’s one of the things I like about this university (*´艸`*).
But I like fashion and go shopping in Tokyo. I go with my elder sister most of the time.


Q:  By the way… what is trendy now?? 

A:  Latest trend?? (phew)… I don’t know… personally, I love “Kuroko-no-Basuke”^^ (I heard about the name a while ago! ヾ(´゚Д゚`;)ゝ)  But it’s almost three years now ^^  (o- -)o Okay…

It’s a boys’ comic of a basketball story.  I like basketball since I read it and now I often go to watch a game.   There was another very popular basketball comic called “Slam-Dunk” before “Kuroko-no-Basuke” as you know.  Some people say that it’s strange that basketball stories sell that much one after another but anyway both of them became super popular.


Q: What types of guys are popular on campus?

 A: Talking about fashion, I don’t like sagging pants.  Other girls don’t like it either.   (I think… the sagging pants style started to become popular when I was in high school.  Is that still in fashion? ( ̄ .  ̄;)  !?)  There are still many as for as I can see.  As a university student, I prefer neat and fresh-looking fashion.  In that sense, I like black hair better^^ (Mee too゚(〃▽〃)♪)


Q: Your campus life just started but what do you want to do?? 

A: I want to try various internship programs.  It must be full of excellent experiences and new discoveries.  English is another challenge.  I’m going to take TOEIC of course, and studying abroad is also in focus.  Maybe a short-term stay during the summer vacation.  Do you recommend any country or city??



I have an experience of studying abroad and we couldn’t stop talking about studying and traveling outside Japan ^^  I think Canada is suitable for studying and recommend Asian countries which are rich in nature.  But don’t forget Europe either because you’d better go there when you have time to travel a long distance.  If you ask me… I personally want to go to Africa and Athens!

She concluded with a bright smile saying “Now I’m sure it will be a good experience.  I won’t be afraid and try studying and travelling abroad as much as possible.”

 She didn’t look so much different from high school student at first. But it was my wrong impression and she had not only a cute smile but also a solid young scientist spirit. Also, she was actually better prepared than I thought…
After my interview to her, she had her interview sheet for me (lol) She asked me to fill out a form of questionnaire for her class assignment♪



Of course, I was pleased to fill it out ^^
I wish that you will spend a fruitful four years on this campus!