25.A feminine lady? Or a lady with a male character?? Let’s save the world by microorganisms!!


This interview is with Ms. E from the second year in the Department of Biotechnology in the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences. She thinks herself as rather “manful character” but it’s opposite as long as I saw her at first wearing a chiffon blouse coordinated in a soft taste!

She is frank and straight in answering our questions and the gap between that and her cute and girlish looks makes her look even more attractive. She hopes to contribute to society through her major study, microorganisms. Let’s ask her more! 


● Welcome to the newly established department! the Department of Biotechnology, the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences opened in 2012 and Ms. E is in the class of 2012! 

● Thank you.  I’m glad that I entered in the memorable year.  The brand new school building is also refreshing.  This communication room is also stylish and nice but it’s a bit of a restless feeling surrounded by all transparent glass panes… (lol)

● You live alone in an apartment near the campus.
Don’t your friends visit and stay all the time?? (phew)

● Yes, I have my friends at my place often but there are many other friends living on their own nearby.  So we visit each other and party together over pizza, Chinese dumplings and so on.  It’s really fun.

I leave home at8:40 for a first morning class starting from9:00 a.m.  I can also go home and take a nap during a long-time break between classes (lol)  It’s convenient to live close to school.

● You are in the Karate club and the winner of the tournament, aren’t you?  Are you even stronger than male players?

● I practice Karate since second year of elementary school… The form of Karate punch goes straight to the counterpart and it is different from that in ordinary fighting (as long as I imagine) that swings along outside curve.  Karate punch trajectory might be more surprising to a counterpart^^ But I don’t know in fact as I’ve never fought against guys (lol)

Now I practice three times a week at the university club and go to a Karate gym when I go back to my home town in Gifu.  Karate is always a part of my life, practice is more like stress release than hard training.  It’s a lot of physical exercise with a loud voice^^

● Also, do you belong to an onsen (hot-spring) club? 

● Distinctive to Yamanashi, isn’t it?  We take day trips to near locations like Kofu and Isawa, and sometimes travel further and stay overnight.  My favorite hot spring is Hottarakashi-onsen Hot Spring!  It takes a long time going up the mountain, but it’s in the best location that sees Mt.Fuji close and clearly right in front of the outdoor hot spring with the wide view of th eKofu Basin.  You’d better go try its beautiful view and relaxing atmosphere.


● Now your part time job is pre-school teacher and chapel attender.  Can you explain what chapel attender is?

 ● In short, a chapel attender is a role to attend bride and groom.  We assist bride and groom during their wedding ceremony at a chapel. Our job also includes guiding guests from a waiting room to a chapel, instructing how to enter the hall, opening the main doors when the couple enter the ceremony, attending and guiding the couple along a time table and so on.  I use polite business Japanese very carefully because the guests are from all generations.  The Hotel F is one of the top level hotel in Yamanashi so I have to well perform as a member of such a hotel and everything is educational about the real hospitality business.

Another good point is that l get surrounded by the happiest atmosphere from the newly married couple and all the people attending the wedding just by working close to a wedding ceremony^^ Today it was busier than usual to have many June brides (This interview was in June).  (Ooops!  June bride!  Σ(°д°lll)My gosh… I missed the season again… by Interviewer)

● Talking about classes, an experiment class sounds fun!  Does it start from the freshman year?? 

● We had to wait until our second year. (What kind of experiment do you do?) “Titration” is one example.  It’s a quantitative analysis method of a chemical substance and a neutral titration is the one that utilize a neutral point to define the quantity of the sample.  Or we analyze sediment in a mixture of more than two types of liquid and define what kind of original liquids are contained.

Another method uses a thin glass tube, 1 mm in the diameter and 2 mm in the length, which made from  a melted ordinary-size glass tube.  We put an unknown substance in it and heat it until its fusing point.  That fusing temperature tells us what kind of substance it is.  The experiment itself is a fun part but we have to write a report which takes a lot of work such as analysis using official formulas.

We learn those basic formulas in the first grade. It’s less interesting (?) than an experiment class but you’d better study hard and it will be rewarded later ^^Liberal arts classes are also important !(← These are common classes for all department students…(-∀-`; ))



Will be continued.