26.A feminine lady? Or a lady with a male character?? Let’s save the world by microorganisms!!(continued)



● What do you study in “applied microorganism biology”? 

● We learn more specialized knowledge of microorganisms.  For instance, it was very surprising to me to know that antibiotics are generated by microorganisms.  Until then, I never doubted my personal preconception that all antibiotics are results of chemosynthesis.

I originally liked microorganisms.  Water fleas look very lovely to me (lol)  When I was checking up schools that provides agriculture or biology courses, I knew that the newly established department was to open in this university.  I decided to apply here immediately and I now know that this is what I wanted to study.









● Do you think excellent talent in science or math is a must to major in a science related field??

● It’s more than perfect if you are doing great at all the science and math subjects.  But talking about myself, I’m not good at physics (phew)

I always struggle with physics as it’s one of the mandatory courses but friends and professors are supportive if you ask for help.  You cannot avoid math either^^ but you can handle all that as long as you have your own best and favorite subject.  Strength in your favorite subject will cover other weaknesses.


● Changing the subject, I heard that you love fashion.  What is your latest favorite? 

● I recommend anything with flower prints.  I just bought a dress with a flower pattern and it’s my favorite.(Palm tree patterns are also in a boom, aren’t they? (o≧▽゚)o) Really? Oh, tropical prints, do you mean? (・・・maybe (・∀・i) tropical・・・)I like those, too. I’m a big shopping freak and my apartment is packed with all the clothes I collected.  I’m facing the challenge of how to organize them.


● Is there a typical image that girls in a science major have less experience of romance? 

● Is that so?? (Actually yes.  A research of working women shows that it’s No.9 highest rated feature.)  Oh no, I’m shocked to hear that. But I personally don’t agree.  Many girls I know are enjoying so-called “Rea-ju” life.  (Ria-ju?? (・_・?) What do you mean?)

It’s an abbreviation of “active (jujitsu in Japanese) in real life.” ^^ Everyone is active as long as I know and it seems like many people meet a boyfriend or a girlfriend in extracurricular activities or club activities.  Many of my girlfriends come to school with no makeup (lol) but look different with  makeup and everything when going out^^ 

It may just my personal impression but many guys are hanging out only amongst guys nowadays.  I just think so.








● You are fashionable and attractive lady… never a manful character.  In your recent life and study in science, what draws your attention most or what is your most favorite thing? (Cosmetics? Fashion? Fortune telling?)

● The most important thing is “health.”  What?!∑((((((゚д゚;ノ)ノ As I live alone, I need to be careful of my health! For example, I often check the amount of body muscle…  Musle…・・・(lll’□’o) When my muscle data increases, I feel yes!!! and my energy level also increase♪


● Lastly, what is your vision for the rest of your university years?  

● I hope to work as a researcher.  I want to develop my study on microorganisms and make it useful especially in regenerative medicine and fertility treatment.  I think fertility treatment is often covered in mass media.  I want to help its patients as one of scientists of the same gender and I believe that it is the way to maximize my role as a female who entered the science field.

I get the most of being female and having science skills and contribute to society!



Your straight focus to the future vision is really cool. You are exactly an excellent active female model of so-called Bunbu-Ryodo in Japanese, a person with combined talent of sportsmanship and intelligence.

Lastly, I asked her what her “favorite phrase” is.  We, as the Support Office are collecting peoples’ favorite phrases.








Her favorite phrase was:










 * Aspergillus niger(A. niger) is a kind of mold that is often seen in our daily life especially in summer season like mold on bread.  It is also one of the most major and useful molds in the food industry and utilized in a producing process of various exogenous enzyme such as citric and other organic acid, amylase, pectinase, and fermented food products.  On the other hand in medicine, some cognate kinds of aspergillusniger draws attention because some are contagious to people and cause a disease or generate mycotoxin (mold toxin) when growing in food.


I recently learned how to spell scientific names in English.  It’s fun (lol)