27.Report of the Work-Life Balance Seminar


Instead of the interview-style article that we usually have in the series of “IMADOKI! Students,” this edition is an introductory style by a person in charge of the series♪


On October 10th, we had Mr. Masaki Matsunaga (representative director of Globe Corporation) as a speaker for a work-life balance seminar.  (Please go to “Lecture/Seminar” for the report).  There were some student staff members who worked together with members from the Support Office.

M, from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, was one of those students and played a very active role as a leader of the members.
I would like to introduce M in this article.


 I was amazed to see her elaborate work in preparation of the seminar.  She really worked hard and also served as an MC of the event.


It’s also M who recommended Mr. Matsunaga as a speaker of the seminar.

 The purpose of the project was developing members of society who have a high awareness of gender equality promotion.  The focus of our plan was mainly on students and providing them with an opportunity to think about a work-life balance through the lecture.  It was a difficult task to choose an appropriate speaker when audience was mainly students because no matter how many times we provide lectures, it makes no influence to them if we can’t get their attention, or they simply don’t participate if it doesn’t look interesting.

We were wondering who was a speaker that appears interesting, actually draws attention from students and make many students feel like coming. It was such timing that Mr. Masaki Matsunaga was proposed by M.

 The staff members of the Support Office became to know M as one of students who was taking the class “Career Development for Science Major Women.” Her activities, belonging to many student groups and volunteer groups, are not limited within Yamanashi prefecture.  Every time I ask what she is doing for the weekend, her answer is that she is going to Tokyo. I know it’s not only weekends that she goes to Tokyo but it often includes weekdays as long as she has time. She is always active about everything and I heard that she also participated in an internship the other day.  Each of her actions have a sense of purpose. It’s been ages since I graduated from university and I started to have some prejudice about modern young people including university students that they are not active enough.  But M made me change my mind!
She is a beautiful science major woman who recognizes present reality, draws a vision of the future, thinks and moves.


As we say in marketing, “strategy,” it’s always a very effective and inevitable method to explore the “market” in any industry.

A while ago, we were planning some event.  We had our ideas and had some confidence about them. One day when M happened to be in our office, we asked her about our ideas, as a person who is a part of our market. 
“Hmmm, honestly speaking, it’s not attractive.” 
Her comment was straight forward without hesitation.

 ・To whom
・What value
・How to provide


These were the things I had in mind based on management that I majored in university but I found out that my skills were totally rusted. I learned that day that it’s important to listen to and accept others no matter their age to build myself up.

I started to communicate with her in person since then.

 Her mind is full of various feelings, thoughts and ideas.  They might be still unrefined and naive from an adult point of view but for this reason her limitless, free ideas and opinions are stimulating for us.  Interactions with such students give us hints and power.

 She was active enough to go all the way to Kyoto one day to see a seminar of Mr. Matsunaga and got attracted to him since then. Mr. Matsunaga is capable of indicating how to see things from a perspective close to that of students based on his own experiences.
“Lecture contents by Mr. Matsunaga will reach the hearts of the students for sure.”
Her opinion made us move and plan the seminar with Mr. Matsunaga.



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