28.Report of the Work-Life Balance Seminar(continued)



M called up students who were helping the seminar, held many meetings and demonstrated leadership for other students.  







She worked energetically including by volunteering as an MC of the event.







She was so reliable and that made me wonder if I had been able to do the same thing when I was a student of her age. In the questionnaire sheets collected after the seminar, there were many voices that appreciated her work and we know from those voices how much effort and the result she attained. Of course the seminar itself was also a big success.  Many students commented that the seminar gave them an opportunity to think about a work-life balance and that they wanted to know more. 

However, she mentioned in the last meeting on the day before that she was feeling very anxious. Being pressured by her important duty as an MC, she seemed to be feeling nervous and her heart was pounding.

 Speaking about my own experience from school years, the more I studied for an exam, the more nervous I became at the exam.  I used to suffer from stomachache and my hand was shaking holding a pencil. On the other hand, the less I studied, the less nervous I became because I knew the result before taking the exam.

M was feeling nervous because she had made a very big effort. I believe that the success of the seminar made her as happy as the effort she put into it would dictate.  We are proud and truly thankful that she is a student of the University of Yamanashi.


Thank you very much, M. I wish you lots of successes!